Dylan’s Candy Bar Hostess Gifts You Can Bring To Be The Best Guest At Thanksgiving

Dylan’s Candy Bar Hostess Gifts You Can Bring To Be The Best Guest At Thanksgiving

Nicole Brown

Nicole BrownNov 15, 20183 min read

Celebrating thanksgiving with family or friends? Are you looking for something different to bring to dinner instead of the typical Thanksgiving dish? Dylan’s Candy Bar has quite a few sweet treats are sure to make you the steal the spotlight!

Chocolate Craze

Almost everyone loves chocolate no matter the holiday. If you know of a hostess with the ultimate chocolate addiction, then the Dylan's Candy Bar Choc-a-Lot Artisan Sea Salt Caramels are a must! These caramels are both milk and dark chocolate, so all chocolate types are covered. Dylan's Candy Bar Belgian Chocolate-Covered Caramel Apples are an interesting treat as well and something rather uncommon. If you prefer assorted chocolates, try Dylan's Candy Bar Signature Chocolate Tackle Box, for samples of chocolate heaven including chocolate covered gummy bears, raisins, nonpareils, and more! If you aren’t a candy aficionado but still want something sweet, enjoy the Dylan's Candy Bar Chocolate-Dipped Cake Pops or if you want to go all out the Dylan's Candy Bar Belgian Chocolate-Covered Indulgence is perfect! With chocolate dipped Graham crackers, pretzels and brownies, it’s a perfect mix of chocolates!

Seasonal Savoring

Dylan’s Candy Bar has a wonderful assortment of seasonal items. Thanksgiving and Christmas have a wonderful assortment of items so that you can get some early gift shopping going or bring some specifically themed dishes. A Marshmallow Candy Corn Thanksgiving Pop is sure to be a hit. Decorated to look like candy corn, this is a fun and fluffy alternative to the actual candy. Who can resist Dylan's Candy Bar Belgian Chocolate-Covered Thanksgiving Strawberries? This classy but expertly decorated gift will be a great item on the table and can be shared with everyone. Dylan's Candy Bar Belgian Chocolate Thanksgiving Cheesecake Bites are also a tasty dessert that everyone can share if you want to bring another option besides the sweet potato pie! If cakes and candies are not your thing the Dylan’s Candy Bar Belgian Chocolate Covered Fall Favorites Assortment is another great idea. This dessert package includes chocolate covered pretzels, covered rice crispy treats, and covered cookies! For a more unusual offering, gift the hostess Too Good Gourmet Pumpkin Thanksgiving Cookies, for a nice pumpkin treat!

Can you sneak Christmas? Even though you’re bringing the gift to Thanksgiving, the hostess may already be overwhelmed with different desserts. Think about bringing something they can eat or enjoy when Thanksgiving is over or in preparation for the next holiday party. For Christmas, the Christmas Light Bulb Candy Ornament Gift Set is cute and unique! Jumbo imitation ornament lights filled with assorted candy are fun to look at and eat! If they don’t celebrate Christmas but do keep up with a holiday during the season, The Peppermint Snowflake Christmas Marshmallow Topper is a nice touch for hot chocolate lovers and makes a pretty affordable gift for anyone!

Even if you are looking for a great gift to bring, be sure to explore all of the sweet treats at Dylan’s Candy Bar such as the popcorns, chocolate covered items, marshmallow originals, traditional candies, as well as cake and cookie treats; just in case you want to buy something for later. The company also sells apparel for everyone which could be another great gift idea instead of bring a food themed gift. Dylan’s Candy Bar also hosts events, such as birthdays and baby showers, and lastly has an amazing cafe with every kind of crazy concoction imaginable! Check out Dylan’s Candy Bar and celebrate with something new this holiday season!