Dos And Don’ts Of Watch Buying:

Sep 06, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

So you're looking for a watch, but you're a little stuck on the details -- that's ok! We are here to help with your next investment -- and we're starting at The selection can't be beat, the savings are insane, and you even get the types of guarantees that sweeten the deal while protecting your cash flow. Win-win-win?

Do: Branch out

Do you have an expansive collection of classic watches? Maybe they are all the type you'd wear for business, with leather bands and classic faces (lots of white and brown and black, in other words). We have a suggestion: try a look that encompasses the full package but goes stylistically in another direction. So, for example, a watch with a strap in brown, but brown canvas instead of leather (always a winner!). Still feeling a bit gun-shy? Try a different colored face, and then consider switching up the straps to ensure you don't slide into monotony.

Don't: Buy versions of the same thing, over and over again

It's just pointless, and nobody can tell the difference anyway. One of the exceptions to this rule would be buying heirlooms, pre-owned, or getting such a crazy deal that it doesn't matter anymore. We trust your judgment.

Do: Buy a watch as a present

Need we remind you how hard it is to buy clothes as a gift? The chance of finding the right size and style is slim, but we think watches are a better bet. Don't chicken out; it's the kind of gift that makes people smile, works for all occasions, and shows someone you really care.

Don't: Regret your purchase has a great return policy and a guarantee to boot, but caveat emptor: you need to return it in the same condition you purchased it in… so no “trysies” allowed. That said, you won’t be stuck with something you realized wasn’t “you” in the end.

Do: Take a look at what’s current

While we don’t think blindly following trends works for anybody, what we do suggest is getting some inspiration prior to browsing. Take a look at what people are pairing with what, how they are wearing it, and even the size of the watch itself, and then find a way to make the current stuff suit you.

Don’t: Blindly get what you think is cool

If you’re into large rose-gold watches, don’t force yourself to buy a silver one. Instead, to branch out, try a watch with rose-gold accents instead, and you’ll end up wearing it twice as much. Another option is to switch up the face shape, but keep the colorway the same.

Deals galore!

Happy Shopping!