Dorm Decor That Won't Cost Your College Tuition

Sep 06, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Back to school time is often met with a frenzy of activity! Many eager freshmen will be going off to college while others will be returning to finish off their remaining years. However, there is one thing that every college student has in common this time of year. Everyone wants to know how to decorate their dorm room for less! With these tips you can succeed at having a great looking room and saving some money! 

Personalized Desk Detail

A desk isnt just a desk! It's where you spend countless hours studying, surfing the web, watching viral videos, checking facebook (and rechecking facebook), binge watching Netflix   and doing homework! Why not make the space your own? With so many colors and choices for desk decor, you can find your  awesome traditional necessities at a store like Dollar General or Dollar Tree. Grab notepads, looseleaf, pen holders and other similar items from a store like this. For those who don't want to go completely traditional, try using kitchen items for storage! A pineapple tumbler cup can hold pens and pencils, and is a fun reminder of summer.  Use a small saucer to hold erasers or paperclips. The important thing is to get creative, and make sure your desk speaks to you!

Picture Perfect

Wall decor is another area of importance! Even if you plan on decorating with posters or other wall art consider making your own prints. Perhaps you can solely use your prints instead of even purchasing posters! Blow up a print of a picture that you have taken, designed or painted that really resonates with you! With pictures in particular, you can upload these to Walgreens print center, and have various sizes printed from your nearest location! With all of this new and fancy art on display, you might become the go to designer on campus!

Simple Storage

Try expanding space buying some different types of hangers. Trouser hangers can help store jeans or even multiple shirts if you folks and hang them. Belt hangers are also great space savers! Bed Bath Beyond has great storage solutions that can really help you maximize your closet and underbed space. 

Desirable Decor

To bring a but of excotement to your space, try lighting using string lights! An imitation raskog cart, to store beauty or miscellaneous items that you use often, can come in handy. Hang a curtain rod on the ceiling using command strips. Once you ad a light curtain, you habe privacy AND a fashionable way to sheild that messy bed! For a touch of greenery that will last through the winter, try a synthetic plant! Many of these things can be found in common department stores such as Kmart.

Armed with these ideas, there is no way that you can't have a unique and fun dorm room!  With some of the money that you save you might even be able to splurge on food or some big ticket items you feel like you absolutely must have to make your dorm room the best one on campus!