Domestic Vs. International Travel: Things to Consider When Planning a Trip

Apr 25, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Many people believe that the further they travel, the more exciting their holiday will be. An exotic escape is surely a great way to take a break from your everyday life, but when it comes to choosing between traveling abroad or staying closer to home, there are so many things to look at. Take a blank paper and get ready to make a couple of lists!


Domestic travel is a tempting option for those who value their peace of mind over adventures. When you travel within your country’s borders, you have no need for additional documents (your regular national ID will do just fine), your current medical insurance or any other extra insurance work as usual. No need to change your money or learn a new language. All the bureaucracy is nothing but buying average tickets and booking your accommodation. What you might not know, however, is that a shorter journey doesn’t always mean a cheaper one, too. For instance, many countries have expensive train fares, and, considering how many last-minute cheap flights you can find nowadays, it might be easier to book a flight to a far-off island than to catch a train between Stockholm and Copenhagen. Not to mention, the cost of life is different in every country. Needless to say, if you love pizza, you should definitely go to Italy, where you can find the highest standard for the lowest price.


Traveling abroad brings a never-ending series of surprises and culturally challenging experiences. Different language, different people, different landscape. It is true that many countries already show a great variety within their borders, but the buzz of diving into a completely different world is quite unique. What makes this choice more stressful? The answer is simple: piles and piles of documents. Make sure to check and double check (ideally, triple check) what kind of permit, IDs, insurances, and such you need to travel. There are also very peculiar rules, specific to single countries - like the US lock for checked bags, for example – so you should constantly keep an eye on that.

What if you are approaching your first holiday or, on the contrary, if you have already a few failed attempts on your record, and you need professional help?

Travel agencies such as Compass Holidays made a mission out of helping you create and shape your perfect holiday. They understand how stressful the planning can be – especially when you have so many pro and cons to take into account, and so many details to supervise. Compass Holiday prides itself with a team of travelers: nothing better than getting a piece of advice from people who genuinely love traveling. For this reason, they know how important it is to create a personalized package and to only work with small groups. This is the only way to achieve an authentic, unique traveling experience. They offer some packages – like bus tours, in Europe and Asia – and they also provide travel services – like travel insurances for US and Canadian citizens or a VISA for China. Why not saving yourself the trouble and buying both? You could get a full package, like the option for China.

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