DIY Fall Looks with Interweave Patterns

DIY Fall Looks with Interweave Patterns

Pamela Chan

Pamela ChanSep 20, 20175 min read

There’s no better time than the onset of the autumn season to slip on a handmade shawl, to cuddle up in a newly knit pair of slippers, or to surprise that special someone in your life with a made-from-scratch sweater pullover in their favorite style and color.

In this day and age of digital technology and always ready-made, DIY has surprisingly made quite a comeback-- and with the help of Interweave, one of the nation’s foremost art and craft media companies, and its newest Fall patterns and products, you’ll be able to create everything from decor, mitts, gloves and even socks, to jewelry, accessories, and goodies for baby and kids. All by yourself.

It’s no wonder Interweave it has become the ultimate resource for modern crafters far and wide with its huge array of eye-catching patterns and designs as well as all the latest in-depth tutorials and trends. It is the ultimate resource for the modern knitter.

Both knitters or crocheters who are just learning the ropes or longtime crafters who have been going at it for years all know that knitting, crochet, weaving, and beading patterns are the quintessential source to creating beautiful made garments and gifts galore. Interweave, of course, has carried the best-in-market products and content since opening up shop in 1975. Go ahead browse through the wide variety of patterns arranged by Type for a finished project you will absolutely love.

Here are some picks for popular DIY Fall looks using Interweave patterns and products that are sure to put a bright smile on anyone’s face. Find even more deals and steals here!

Fall River Shawl

Here’s a fantastic project you’ll definitely want to take on for the fall season. Check out the Fall River Shawl by Lisa Naskrent using laceweight yarn from The Fibre Co. Road to China Lace while blending alpaca, silk, camel, and a bit of cashmere to create a perfectly soft, cozy, and warm look for fall. It’s like no laceweight crochet shawl you’ve seen before and since its worked from the center point outward, even nervous beginners won’t have to worry if the lines aren’t straight or if the stitches buckle a bit-- everything will straighten by itself once you block the entire shawl! Rad.

Plus, if you’re digging the look, try out this similarly soft-looking Water Lily Shawl, also a longtime fan favorite.

Thrummed Slippers Crochet Pattern

You’re toes sure won’t be feeling sorry with these nice, toasty, and totally amazing slippers. Switch up colors to create some coverage for those cold feet by crafting something all your very own. You might even like these cozy and warm crocheted socks with a classic toe-up construction allowing them to be completely customizable and perfect to wear on any relaxing cold winter day. Can you save New Fave Socks? Yes indeed.

Cyclone Men's Crewneck Sweater Knitting

Now here’s the perfect gift for the husband, the boyfriend, the dad, or just anyone special, really. Guys far and wide will snuggle up in this trendy crewneck sweater knit in a traditional seamed construction and featuring a drop-shoulder design using textured, self-striping Cyclone yarn. Mix and match his favorite colors for a personalized gift that’s sure to please.

Kids Nautical Pullover Knitting Pattern

For the teeny tiny ones, a classic-blue-and-white child's sweater inspired by the deep blue sea featuring a band of waves along the bottom hem and stripes on the chest and sleeves. Little tots sure won’t feel the chill of the autumn air while bundled well up in this not-so-gender specific drop-shoulder knit made in the round from the bottom to underarms, then divided to work back and front separately. Sleeves are knit downward from stitches picked up around the armhole so it’s sure to make for an ultra-comfortable fit.

Once you are done with this little treasure, why not try out a Little Monster Pullover Knit for the upcoming Halloween season? Featuring an ultra-modern look with skulls and bats, it’s an uber-fun child's sweater to spruce up an otherwise scary holiday.

Colorful Estonian Gloves to Knit Kit

Knitted gloves became popular in Estonia in the nineteenth century and these gorgeous gloves definitely honor that ongoing tradition using the brilliant technique of Estonian roosimine, which means, “to decorate with roses.”

Keep those fingers warm and frozen-free with these exquisite gloves inspired by the many pairs of rose-patterned gloves creator Nancy Bush saw at the Estonian National Museum in Tartu. The handy dandy kit contains all of the yarn you’ll need to make this stellar pair and maybe even a bit more to get started on something similarly spectacular if you’re looking for something still flowery but totally fingerless.

Check out these Rosebud Fingerless Gloves that sure won’t disappoint!

Boyfriend Beanie Crochet Pattern 

Who doesn’t love a good beanie to keep that head nice n’ warm? With the leaves falling all around come Fall, it’s easy to prepare for the cold by crocheting a hat or two in order to commemorate the autumn season. And though Make a Hat Day recently passed on September 15, it’s not too late to browse through all the quick hat patterns available still out there.

Try out this uniquely colorful boyfriend bean made with self-striping sock yarn that’s perfect for both men and women. Or this Pumpkin Slouchy Hat, another good one to consider, especially with its wonderfully rich colors and unique shape. What’s better is that it is easy as pie to make and will work up quickly. Check it out in the Interweave’s Fall 2017 edition of Love of Crochet.