Dress to Impress (Your Wallet): Designer Clothes for Less

May 30, 2014Reading Time: 4 min

Admit it. At one point you’ve considered quitting your job for fashion industry just to wiggle your chimpanzee-sized toes into that exotic, sublime Alexander McQueen. They are not just shoes, they are Alexander. But the price is tear-rendering and soon you give up by settling for a replica scarred with three burning words: “Made in China.”

Cheap designer-hunting is not limited to fashion careers or Beverly Hills’ Goodwill. There is an online cult of sites that have high-end brands with marked down prices that you wouldn’t find in the retail stores. Also, the stores’ sale selections are usually ragged-looking leftovers that look like a drunken Lagerfeld accidentally made. Premium should be paired with pretty, not plain.

And speaking of pretty, you can still look flashy with spotlight-stealing clothes that accentuate the season’s latest trends and colors. PacSun’s having a 20% off coupon that is going to end on Monday, June 30. PacSun might not be considered “fancy”, but it is embraced by one of the rising high-end models from the Kardashian klans. Remember, fashion is not always about names, but the right clothes that represent your flare. Oftentimes it is common sense to buy affordable dresses in various prints and colors than a dull, dark dress from a big name. Have a balanced wardrobe of expensive and economical sections and check out the following designer clothes for less:

Designer Clothes for Less

To achieve that equilibrium, especially the expensive side, you need to hit places like Saks Fifth Avenue. What makes Saks unique is its rewards program. By becoming a SaksFirst member, you will earn points for every dollar you spend. Later these points will mount to dollars that pays for your Dolce & Gabbana dress or Burberry tie. Get a style-lift from an expert stylist through Saks who will give advice on re-inventing your look. Saks knows that it’s not just about wearing expensive clothes, but the right ones that reflect taste. Don’t miss the free shipping Saks Fifth Avenue coupon.

lastcall by Neiman Marcus floods you with sales and clearance in Salvatore Ferragamo, Vince Camuto, and other superb lines. See lastcall as your online clearance bin, but with revamped collections. The bonus of shopping here is the daily deal, which features an item that is more than half the price off for a day. Explore some of the popular elite styles by checking out its “WHAT’S HOT” section and fish that free shipping out of the coupon bin.

Be a vogue nerd by hitting – an enormous library of common and glamorous monograms. Click on their “BRANDS” section to find a giant hall of names like Marc Jacobs and Chloe that are sold up to 70% off. What makes 6pm convenient is that you can shop luxury and common clothes all in one place. If you need a Valentino handbag, but also a new pair of Nike running shoes, just hit 6pm because it covers all. And while you’re at it, get 10% off promo and free shipping.

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For those Chanel lovers out there, Bluefly is one of those rare online platforms that carry Chanel bags – bona fide and highest quality. It is also a home of plethora golden-worth (but silver-priced) signatures. They now have a 40% off sale on designer dresses and Tory Burch handbags. Redeem these promos as your ticket to the beau monde that our dear Coco built for us.

When it comes to party dresses, women face three dilemmas: first of all, we want what celebs wear; second of all, we do not want to wear something that our frienemies saw us in last time; third of all, we do not want to pay an unreasonable amount for a day outfit. Rent the Runway provides the solution for all of the above. Instead of buying a two-thousand-and-something Vera Wang gown, simply rent it for tens to hundreds of dollars to show it off at your best friend’s party. Also, for those who are going to marry soon, Rent the Runway has a vast selection of bridal dresses. Take $25 off coupon from your first rental.

Rock that corporate catwalk or impress your friends with envy/flattery-causing icons. It’s all about quietly paying the partial price and boasting the full price.