Delight Your Loved Ones With These Unique Gift Ideas

Delight Your Loved Ones With These Unique Gift Ideas

Alexandra Sakellariou

Alexandra SakellariouDec 20, 20173 min read

Shopping for Christmas presents is no joke. It can get difficult thinking of creative gift ideas each year to surprise your loved ones with. There are only so many candles and body lotions you can get for one person!

This year, try to think out-of-the-box for gift ideas that will really stand out and be well loved and well used. Check out these unique gift ideas to get find inspiration on what to get your loved ones this holiday season!


For The Amateur Wine Connoisseur

Personalized 27 oz. Riedel Crystal Extreme Pinot Noir Glasses

Know someone who loves wine or another alcoholic beverage?

Personalized glasses are a thoughtful way to make an ordinary object special. Engrave the date of your anniversary or an important quote, anything that will make the gift-receiver smile as they’re sitting down to have a drink. Buy one or two glasses if you’re looking for a low-budget gift, or go big and opt for a whole drinking set.


For The Person Who Loves Their Pooch

Coastal Pet Products Personalized Tough Dog Collar

At first, though, getting someone a gift for their pet might not seem traditional. But that’s the great thing about it! Someone who adores their dog is going to appreciate the thoughtfulness and practicality of this gift.

Plus the chance to personalize it means you can add your own flare. You can obviously opt to put the pooch’s name along with the gift-receivers phone number. Or, you could opt for a cute quote or if there’s a saying everyone always says about the dog. That way, the person receiving the gift will always remember it’s from you.

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For The Sentimental Person

A Custom Illustrated Portrait

Forever frame one of your best memories with a custom illustration. Is there anything more original? 

Simply send the artist the photo you want to replicate or ask them to take inspiration from multiple shots. Then they can create a portrait featuring whomever you want. You could probably even get a celebrity drawn in there if you wanted! Have the portrait framed before you gift it so this present can last forever and be a literal hanging reminder of how much the receiver means to you.


For The Person Who’s Always In Style 

Custom Hat From Lids

If you know someone who’s always hip on the trends, give them something to spice up their wardrobe. A custom hat is a nice (and easy) way to put a personal touch on a gift.

Is the gift-receiver an artist? Have their original work or even your own idea featured on the hat. You can customize it with a word, name, phrase or anything that comes to mind, or you can choose from a wide selection of licensed designs. Plus, this is the perfect gift if you want to find something you can match with! 

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Hopefully. now you have some inspiration for unique gifts you could gift this Christmas! Remember: the present doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive. What matters the most is that it’s personal and heartfelt. Now get ready to shop.