How to Decorate your Home Based on your Zodiac Sign

Aug 30, 2018Reading Time: 11 min

If you’re feeling tapped out when it comes to interior design inspiration, it may be time to look towards the stars for insight. Instead of following the trends, let your unique Zodiac sign influence how you decorate your living room, loft, or guest bedroom. This can open you up to brand new design possibilities since it addresses things you’ve never thought of before!

These tips take into account how your sign interacts with the environment and what you need in order to create a living space that suits your personality. Below you’ll find hacks that are cohesive with your sign but will also promote a positive outlook and help keep you grounded within your home. Every Zodiac sign is unique, but thanks to you can find something that is suitable and affordable for everyone! For a limited time you can use this promo code and receive $30 off orders of $500 or more. Whether you’re artistic and extroverted or ambitious and reserved, you are sure to find inspiration and a renewed connection to the stars with the tips below.

Aries painting


While most fire signs are energetic, Aries takes things to the next level with their spontaneity and fearless nature. A room that best fits you, Aries, is one that is full of vibrant colors, bright accent pieces, and plenty of sunshine. You thrive in areas that are warm and inviting, and crave a room that is as bright as you are. If you’re working with neutral tones, you can try breaking up the monotony with a new painting that adds an exciting flair to the entire room. For example, the warm colors featured above would add the perfect touch to an Aries living room.

If you’re working with neutral tones, you can try breaking up the monotony with new artwork that adds an exciting flair. For example, the warm colors and blooming flowers featured above would add the perfect touch to an Aries living room. This is sure to make the entire room feel more welcoming and dynamic, just like you are Aries!

Taurus Coffee Table


Widely known as the most down-to-earth sign, it’s no surprise that a Taurus tends to value cozy, personalized spaces. As a Taurus, you see your home as a space to showcase your favorite artwork and carefully crafted style. It’s also the place where you can relax after a long day or entertain and unwind with friends. You find yourself attracted to higher end products, but only if they’re practical and align with your personal style. Whether it’s sofas, framed photography, or cute throw pillows, you need the best to decorate your space.

Due to your standards as a Taurus, you should opt for a sturdy coffee table like the Dark Brown Javadi Fir Wood table pictured above. This will act as both a stylish centerpiece and a practical place to store households items that would otherwise cause clutter. Not to mention, its rustic look and dark brown shades will effortlessly go with any color scheme.

Gemini Chalkboard


Gemini’s have curious design sensibilities and usually do not stick with a consistent theme throughout their home. This is largely caused by the air signs knack for taking on new projects and their need for change. However, one constant that you Gemini’s will always enjoy are bright, airy spaces that have pastel accent colors. It’s important to note that a home can become too stimulating for a sociable sign like yourself, so you should instead create a space that promotes relaxation.

While you are known for your creativity, it’s important to note that you often take on too many projects at once and can become overwhelmed. However, it’s possible to fight this by creating an innovative design that gives you a space to express yourself. Instead of filling up another journal, turn your thoughts into decor with this chalkboard!

Cancer Couch


Cancers are described as the ultimate homebody and prioritize comfort over all else when laying out their home. This sign tends to choose items for their personal and emotional appeal over practicality, but there is no shame in that. You find the need to create a space that makes you feel at ease and is somewhere you can go to recharge your batteries after a stressful day. As someone who is deeply intuitive and sentimental, you often decorate with vintage items that carry a great meaning to you.

Cancers are the nurturers of the Zodiac which means they seek balance and peace in their homelife. Due to this, you should make your home as comfortable and accommodating as possible with this adorable Ingonish Beach Sofa! This piece is perfect for a den or living room, especially if you’re looking to unwind after a long day.

Leo Fireplace


Every Leo knows that a fireplace is a necessity when it comes to decor! Fire signs like yourself will thrive in a living space that features rich colors, fine art, and small touches of luxury. The Matte Black Freestanding Fireplace pictured above will act as a centerpiece while adding a regal flair to the room. This will also transform your bedroom into a cozy haven while taking up minimal space. Combining this fireplace with a rich color scheme will create an intimate space that is perfect for entertaining guests or hosting dinner parties.

Leo’s tend to take great pride in their homes and will go the extra mile when decorating. You want to create a reflection of your own stately and royal nature which means only the best will do. Whenever you find yourself reaching for luxury items - stop and check the price tag! With promo codes and discounts you’ll be able to get extravagant decor at affordable prices.

Virgo Bookshelf


As a Virgo, you tend to have a more difficult time decorating your home because you feel as though everything must look stylish and be practical. You constantly strive to create a harmonious and well-organized space where everything has a place. Virgo’s thrive in living spaces that feature neutral tones and earthy colors that will keep them grounded.

Bookshelves, organizers, and shelving units are the perfect additions to a Virgo home because they promote a sense of peace and encourage organization. Due to this, we have found that a minimalistic bookshelf can be the perfect compliment to any room in your home. The Silver Leaf Worchester Bookshelf pictured above will go with the neutral color scheme that you long for while providing practical storage space. This simple addition can transform your living room or office space into a room where you can read, write, and work out any stressors you’ve experienced during the day.

Sagittarius Boho Painting


Known for their wanderlust and urge to experience new things, Sagittarius is heavily associated with boho-inspired looks that celebrate diversity. In order to keep from feeling stagnant and bogged down, you should surround yourself with decor that encourages your natural wonder. We highly recommend out-of-the-box centerpieces such as indoor gardens, water features, and wall decor like the art print pictured above to leave you feeling inspired.

Your decor should capture feelings of warmth and exuberance to leave you feeling motivated and energized. Sagittarius is known for their big dreams, constant travel plans, and idealistic personalities - so use these as your foundation when designing your home. It may be hard to find items that capture these emotions - but when you find something you love, you’ll know it.

Capricorn Refrigerator


As the minimalists of the zodiac, Capricorns don’t feel the need to own many items. Instead, you find that you prefer clean lines, traditional tones, and heirloom furniture. Instead of following the latest trends in interior design, you prefer to have a few reliable pieces of decor. Due to this, we recommend a lowkey color scheme of grays with accent pieces in the shades of navy, green, white, or gray.

Additionally, you should save up your money and invest in furniture that you will use on a daily basis such as the Stainless Steel Multi-Door Refrigerator pictured above. While not as flashy as some of the other products on this list, you’ll appreciate this hardworking addition to your kitchen. Not to mention, you will be glad that you invested in something that you’ll have to use every day. Instead of purchasing decor that can clutter your home, you much prefer to purchase a few big ticket items that you can rely on for years to come.

Aquarius Throw Pillow


An Aquarius that ventures into interior design will need a style that looks ahead of its time and offers something truly unique. This is largely due to your reputation as one of the most rebellious and innovative signs in the Zodiac. Due to this, you’ll appreciate a color scheme of cool blues and white accents that compliment your qualities as an air sign. You also need a home that provides plenty of ventilation, sunlight, and plants to feel at ease.

You constantly strive to stay updated on the latest trends and lately have been leaning towards modern materials like hardwood floors and industrial atmospheres. While this will make your home feel less cozy, you find that it’s a good trade off. Adding this light blue throw pillow will make your space feel brighter while nodding to the current trend of geometric patterns.

Pisces Painting


As a Pisces, you tend to view your home as a personal retreat that is separated from the stress of daily life. This homey haven is where you can recharge your emotional batteries and prepare yourself for another day. While crafting your perfect bedroom oasis, make sure it contains oceanic imagery to connect back to feelings of serenity. This can also include a color scheme that consists of lilac, light blues, and green accent colors.

You can achieve this relaxing vibe by adding scented candles, fuzzy throws, and plenty of artwork to your home. Blank walls tend to give you anxiety, so be sure to hang paintings that capture your imaginative nature and artistic side, such as the print above.

Libra Wall Decor


Often depicted as a scale, Libra’s crave balance and harmony both internally and externally. When designing their home, it’s all about balancing value with personal style. You are deeply sensitive to your environment, Libra, which means you need to think about the big picture of your home and create spaces that promote relaxation. You only want the best for your home and often take on grand projects such as a home theater, expansive library, or a massive walk-in closet.

While you are a great admirer of physical beauty, you also find a lot of value in cleanliness and simple designs. By combining simplicity and symmetry, we recommend opting for a geometric centerpiece that will catch the eye while not overwhelming the room. You’re also sure to appreciate the sense of stability that this decor will bring.

Scorpio Office Desk


Lastly, as one of the most ambitious signs in the Zodiac, Scorpio’s will need decor that works as hard as you do. You tend to reach for darker tones that bring a sense of mystery including plum wine red, and inky greys. In order to liven up the dark corners of your home, you should rely on antique looks and abstract patterns. Also, you can play up small nooks and corners within your home to create an interesting space that will keep your wandering interest. While you are known for sudden changes in mood, you can appease them by creating both intimate and communal areas to match whatever mood that strikes you.

Be sure to flesh out your style with soft furniture and vibrant colors that inspire creative outbursts. It’s a good idea to create an office space that is outfitted with a desk that can organize your many projects and ideas. For example, the Cappuccino Computer Desk above would be the perfect work space for any Scorpio