The Michael's Challenge: Get Creative at your Favorite Arts and Crafts Store

The Michael's Challenge: Get Creative at your Favorite Arts and Crafts Store

Heather Gautschi

Heather GautschiJul 27, 20183 min read

Photo Courtesy of Michaels Stores

Have you heard about the Michael's Challenge? The largest arts and crafts retailer in the U.S. is calling on social media enthusiasts to share their most creative portraits - all shot right inside a local Michael's store. So, get creative and shoot a beautiful portrait and you'll get a chance to grasp some Internet fame. Simply wander the aisles of Michaels until you find a breath-taking backdrop (Hint: we're a huge fan of the floral aisles). This virtual challenge has quickly gone viral, and it isn't hard to see why - the Michaels Challenge has created some truly awe-inspiring portraits. Not to mention that it combines two things that we love - saving money and getting a professional quality, Instagram-worthy product. Not sure where to start? Keep reading for some tips and be sure to check out the challenge page on Instagram for inspiration!

Fabric Roses

Snap a Selfie

Photo Courtesy of Anniessaglover

While professional photographers have quickly taken up the challenge, photographers of all levels are welcome to participate! If you are a professional photographer or have a large group in tow, Michael's simply asks that you call ahead and let the store know that you're planning on coming in to take some one-of-a-kind photos. Or, if you're a novice photographer, grab your smartphone and snap a few selfies to get involved in this super fun challenge; no fancy camera equipment necessary! Michaels even released a statement that eager photographers do not need a release or special permission to do the photo challenge in their stores.

Fabric Diasies

Get Inspired

Photo Courtesy of Red.vintage_

Since no purchase is required when participating in the Michaels Challenge, you're literally getting a free photo shoot! The Michaels aisles are yours for the taking: create your own lush garden with lovely greenery and brightly colored fabric flowers, or design your own wedding photo shoot with beautiful bridal bouquets. With whimsical, pastel floral backdrops, you can savor the last days of summer and turn your IG into a sunny wonderland. Or, if you're hankering for a more dramatic change in scenery, you can consider a winter scene and envelop yourself in cool white roses and sprigs of holly.

Pet Portrait

Bring your Friends

Photo Courtesy of Margobean

Instead of doing a solo photoshoot, you can gather your family, friends, or pets, and jump into the challenge together. With a little help from Michaels, you'll have a perfect, ready-made portrait for holiday cards, new baby announcements, birthdays, and any other occasion - all with no cost to you! So, the next time you find yourself at Michaels, be sure to snap a few selfies in the floral aisle, post them with the hashtag #MichaelsChallege, and tag!