Create Your Own Look With Custom Accessories

Jan 30, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

With spring coming up, it’s time to start thinking about sunglasses! There are so many classic styles, but it can also be fun to go with trendy customized options to switch things up. Choose polarized lenses, cat-eye styles or even small shades that are getting a lot of attention right now. Sunglass Hut is the go-to place for sunglass shopping and with good reason. They’re now making it easy as could be to personalize sunglasses with a cute nickname, a mantra or just a fun saying. The following are five sunglasses, in a range of styles, to fit everyone’s style.

Ray Ban Aviators

Ray-Ban Aviators 

For the most classic of sunglass styles, go for this simplistic aviator. Whether the choice is black on black or gold frames with green lenses, this sunglass style always wins. This is the perfect pair for fashion, sports and beyond. If everyone chose to buy one pair of sunglasses, this classic aviator would be the optimal choice.

Prada Sunglasses


This Prada pair of sunglasses is the epitome of chic. With Audrey Hepburn vibes written all over this pair, they are simultaneously classic and trendy with their oversize black frame and semi-square lenses.

Mirrored round Ray Bans

Mirrored Ray-Ban 

This round pair of Ray-Bans has recently made a splash in the fashion world as the most popular pair of shades. Most people are loving the gold frames with the green lenses, but this pair changes things up with the silver frames and mirrored lenses. The best thing about this pair is that there are so many different color combinations to choose from, which makes this pair of sunglasses versatile and unique at the same time.

Versace Sunglasses


These Versace shades are all things glam with the black and gold colors. The silhouette is a rounded aviator with a unique look that separates it from the rest of aviator styles. In fact, this style just screams Kim Kardashian, before Mr. West entered the picture, in the best way.

Vogue Sunglasses


To switch things up, here is a pair by Vogue that features a semi-rectangular lens shape. This pair is so trendy right now with the gold frames and the yellow-orange lenses. It seems that the see-through light lenses are making their mark right now.

With a variety of sunglasses to choose from, it’s hard to go wrong. And make sure to have fun with the customization by adding on an engraving for just $20 to make every pair stand out. It also ensures these pairs of sunglasses will never get lost. Sold!