Create the Ideal Minimalist Wardrobe with Only 5 items

Jun 30, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

Minimalism - how often do we hear and read this word nowadays? One of the latest lifestyle trends, but also a genuinely positive philosophy to embrace in all aspects of your life, minimalism promotes the idea of sticking to the essentials, no waste. Nothing more appropriate for those who are looking for essential wardrobe items to create the perfect minimalist wardrobe that creates a timeless look. The secret to a minimalistic fashion lifestyle is choosing interchangeable items, ones that are classic, timeless and offer versatile looks, from a brand you love.

Whether you are looking forward to building a brand new style from scratch, or you want to slowly convert your current wardrobe into a more minimal solution, the best way to go is to focus on a few items that will be your highlights. This kind of style is basically all perks and zero regrets: by purchasing some quality long-lasting items that you can wear in any occasion, not only you will save money on the long run, but you’ll make a step towards a more responsible, eco-friendly shopping.

Where to start?

You should probably pick a style or a brand that you can see yourself still loving in a few years - remember most people tend to get bored with over complicated patterns! For example, we decided to choose one designer for you, and to start creating a new wardrobe buying their clothes only. Eileen Fisher creates pieces that definitely make an impression: clean lines, simple colors or bicolor patterns, and quality materials. Their products are made to last and to be the core of your look, anytime and for any occasion.


Start with the must-have of all seasons: a jumpsuit. This black viscose jersey wide-leg jumpsuit shows all the perks of this category. Jumpsuits are a full outfit themselves; but don't forget you can use them as trousers as well by wearing a jumper or jacket on top. This way, a cool a casual jumpsuit for a sunny day can also be worn with high heels and a fancy warm jacket for a night out.

painted silk dress

Speaking of one-piece looks, a dress is always a good plan B. Their hand-painted silk dress, in black and white, is a ready-to-go outfit. Short enough for hot temperatures, it can be worn with jeans or skinny trousers when it gets a bit chillier.

kimono jacket

Jackets and cardigans are essential, but what about a more original alternative? Among the many jackets, this black washable stretch kimono jacket is extremely versatile, either you need a fashion accessory or something to keep you warm.

black loafers

Shoes have never been more fun, when you can play with different styles - we all love a pretty dress with aggressive black boots, let's be honest. Use their Harlow loafer shoes, strictly in black, to be comfortable 24/7, without compromising you style.

leather duffle bag

Finally, don't underestimate the importance of the right bag. Better safe than sorry - and with a duffle bag in textured Italian leather you can be reassured not space nor matching your outfit will be ever be a problem.

Those are just hints for new minimalism addicts. Once you're comfortable with this philosophy, you can start adding a few drops of colors - as long as you have fun with it! But using these key pieces you can stop wasting money on fleeting fads and trends that just aren’t your jive and stick to the essentials. Your closet space and wallet will thank you for it.