Craving Catherine’s: The Place To Shop For Every Body Shape

Craving Catherine’s: The Place To Shop For Every Body Shape

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerJun 20, 20173 min read

We adore Catherine’s. In fact, for plus-size looks, it’s one of our favorites. With a long-standing tradition of good fit and high quality, the brand has been delivering for years – up to size 5X, so everyone can enjoy the same styles, no matter what their shape.

It goes beyond clothes with Catherine’s: it’s super-inclusive, with fair price points and realistic fit models. It’s the kind of online destination where you leave feeling better about yourself, because you can find everything you need, in the sizes you want, and you don’t need to struggle. (Yes, it should always be this way, but a lot of online retailers are still working on it.)

After an extensive shopping session at Catherine’s, we are here to let you know what’s hot right now. We recommend checking out these sections to kick things off:

Petite shop: If you’re under 5’3”, but shapely, then you’ve probably spent a lot of time at the tailor. From too-long trousers to drooping necklines, everything designed for the average frame requires tweaks to fit a petite woman. Catherine’s has perfected proportions for all plus-sized shoppers.

Summertime brights: Catherine’s knows how to make basics fun – from paisley blouses to flowy maxis, you are set for summer. The detail isn’t overblown on each piece, instead striking a comfortable balance between well-appointed and basic. That means you can make each piece work twice as hard: a tunic can do casual Friday, weekend brunch, and a day at the beach.

Basic shifts: Catherine’s stocks lots of pieces with strong geometric lines, including bicolored tunics and monochromatic dresses. The great thing about these basics is that they can get dressed up with a scarf and look more casual, have a statement necklace added for dress-up, and then go plain-Jane with a blazer for work functions. The cost-per-wear is some of the best you can find in the plus-sized world, too.

Flowing tops: Tunics, kimonos, and bat-wing tops are all part of the Catherine’s playlist, and they’re as tempting as they are totally affordable. I’m a huge fan of the pieces that can be belted to show off your shape, tossed over a long dress, and then worn loose with a jumpsuit. Versatility is what Catherine’s does best.

Trend-conscious pieces: Off-the-shoulder tops, crisp poplin, and cropped trousers are all pieces that Catherine’s showing off this year. Whatever’s hot for the season, you’ll be bound to find it. I love not having to think about whether or not something’s “in,” and instead just shop by instinct.

What does Catherine’s have in store? Here are some deals straight off of

  • Get $30 off and free shipping ($100 minimum)
  • Get $10 off your order of $25 or more
  • 30% off select styles (including summery maxi dresses and fun flair tops)

Happy Shopping!