Cool To Be Kind: Compassionate Cruelty-Free Brands We Love

Apr 12, 2018Reading Time: 5 min

Love animals? If a cute fur face is irresistible to you, plus you’re generally a big ol’ softie, we hear ya. We are, too! Since April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month, we wanted to share our discoveries on cruelty-free companies and how they can really change your life. These brands say no to harming our furry friends in the process of making their products. If you aren’t familiar with these innovative shops, we’re here to share.

The harsh reality is that many companies still test out their products on animals, a cruel practice that warrants rethinking our purchase decisions. These innocent creatures are put through distressing and painful experiments, and for animal lovers, this breaks our hearts.

The good news is that there are now SO MANY compassionate companies that refuse to do animal-testing of any kind. And their products are AWESOME. Many cruelty-free, vegan brands also use natural ingredients and work hard to be environmentally-friendly. Every time you choose a compassionate beauty or household cleaning brand, you’re helping animals by supporting these modern companies with a conscience. Beautiful inside and out—that’s you!

We’ve compiled a list of just a few companies we personally adore. But we encourage you to do your own research by going to and checking out the plethora of shopping options they’ve vetted and approved. You can even download the Leaping Bunny app for your smartphone. This is a super handy resource for quickly finding what you need, which is sorted by categories and brands. Plus, there are items with a range of price points, so you can avoid going over budget.

Too Faced

This trendy and clever cosmetic brand continues to grow in popularity, offering gorgeous shadow palettes and the softest synthetic teddy bear hair makeup brushes. With your first order, you get 20% off, plus each order comes with two free samples. Too fun!

Too Faced just launched their Clover Collection, named after their pup mascot—you guessed it—Clover. To celebrate, they’re also donating to a few of their favorite animal charities. Love these guys. Shop and save with the latest Too Faced coupon codes and feel good about your beauty purchase!

Red Apple Lipstick

Started in Texas, Red Apple Lipstick is gluten-free, paraben-free, and, yes, cruelty-free. This makes us feel carefree! Their site is super helpful with color suggestions for various skin types, offering pics of real ladies wearing their makeup. And their lipsticks are so soft and creamy! You’ll also get a free lip color sample with your purchase. Their mascara is starting to top our charts, too. This company is a good apple!

The Body Shop

Who doesn’t love The Body Shop? Their body butters are divine, shower gels are scrumptious, and did you know their makeup rocks? Check out their under-eye concealer. It’s light, easy to apply, and looks beautiful. This company is totally committed to making a quality product without harming animals. They’re even a strong voice in the animal rights community, working to end cruel fur-friend experiments forever. You can even sign their petition online to ban animal-testing and support cruelty-free brands and use The Body Shop promo codes to shop, support and save.


If you’re looking for a super economical brand with an impressive collection of primers, powders, and palettes, E.L.F. Cosmetics is an excellent beauty source. They’re online and in major retailers like Walgreens, Target, and Old Navy. You also get a free gift with $25+ orders on their site and save even more when you use E.L.F. coupon codes online. With E.L.F., $25 can get you a whole lot of makeup, too!

Andalou Naturals

Some of our favorite picks from Andalou Naturals are their body lotions and shower gels. Mandarin Vanilla smells so good—like an orange creamsicle on a summer day. Try it, beauties!

You can find them in drugstores and online, so add them to your shopping list! The prices are mid-range and reasonable. The potions are perfect for you!

Yes To

Yes To is another company that’s easy to find in Walgreens, especially when it feels like you’re surrounded by mega brands that aren’t cruelty-free. Skip those outdated corporations and restock your medicine cabinet with essentials made by caring companies. Yes To offers a gentle skincare line with a variety of natural fragrances. Great scents and sense! We say YES to Yes To!

Seventh Generation

While we’ve mainly focused on beauty products, we can’t leave out companies that compassionately make household cleaners—no-animal-testing on their watch! Seventh Generation is a well-known, trusted brand that offers a huge assortment of cleaning items that are plant-based. Now, we know you might have your favorite wipes and sprays, but how about checking out a new potential fave? They make effective solutions with an environmentally-responsible attitude and mission. They want the world to be a better place—let’s help them!

A few others worthy to note: Method, Mrs. Meyers, and Puracy. Give them a shot, clean freaks!

Do you have some go-to cruelty-free products you’d recommend? We’d love to hear what you think! Also, we’d love to applaud you for being kind! And if you’re just starting to try compassionate brands, we applaud you, too. Our advice is to start little by little, trying new things and incorporating the products you love into your daily routine. Soon, you’ll be a pro—cross our hearts. Thankfully today, the options are truly endless, making the whole lifestyle of treating animals with kindness a beautiful thing.