5 Things to Look for When Buying a Computer for Seniors

5 Things to Look for When Buying a Computer for Seniors

Jamie Goodwin

Jamie GoodwinMay 11, 20184 min read

Many seniors tend to feel left in the dust when using laptops since they grew up in a time before computers. Unless the senior citizen in your life is tech savvy, you may have found yourself on the phone with them troubleshooting problems and talking through the process of uploading pictures to Facebook. As such, it’s important to find the right computer for seniors to complete their digital tasks. Here are 5 things to look out for when you’re shopping for a senior’s computer:

 Social Media Internet

Fast Bootup and Internet

Have you ever had your 80-year-old grandmother complain that her computer takes too long to bootup? In some cases, this could be due to older equipment that is outdated or desperately needs a software update. Making the choice to purchase a new laptop could be just the ticket to cut down on bootup time. One of the main reasons that seniors need a computer is to connect to the internet. Whether they need to send emails, check the news headlines, complete online banking, find a recipe, peruse social media, or make a video call to family and friends – seniors need a laptop with a fast and reliable internet connection. One thing that transcends age is how much everyone hates a slow internet connection. This speed will take away from the frustration that seniors feel when learning how to use new technology.

 Storage Space

Plenty of Memory and Storage Space

A second common reason that people need a computer is to store digital pictures, videos, music, documents, and other important files. But you may be wondering just how much storage your loved one needs. On average, a computer with about 250 GB is sufficient for most storage needs. However, it’s important to find out if your senior loved one needs more space than the average user. This could be the case if they are looking to maintain digital photo albums, video libraries, or large documents.

Update Software

Easy to Update

Every so often, a notification will pop up on your computer to let you know that it’s time to update. For some seniors, it might be difficult to navigate the files on a computer to find and complete software and security updates on a regular basis. To help out your loved one, you may want to find a computer that updates automatically. Or, alternatively, help them set up the computer and edit the settings to automatically update the software on a regular basis. Then your senior will never have to worry about dealing with a complicated interface.


Protected from Viruses

According to a study of conducted by EnigmaSoftware.com, older computer users were 161% more likely to get viruses than younger users. Within this study, they followed 2 million computer viruses to see how they affected people at different age groups. However, you can help protect your seniors computer by using the proper anti-virus software. If your senior is just starting to get acquainted with new technology, it might be helpful to find devices like iPad and Chromebook, which are far less likely to get viruses than a PC.

Computers for Seniors

Personal Needs

The most important things to factor in when choosing a computer or laptop for the seniors in your life is how tech savvy they are, what they plan to use it for, and what (if any) physical impairments they may have. For example, if the senior in question has worsening vision, it might be helpful to have a larger screen or a device that can easily enlarge the onscreen text. Of course, thinking about your loved one’s needs could bring up lots of different factors to consider. Just some of these factors include: Does your loved one use a printer? Do they want a built-in camera? Is your loved one worried about privacy? How many input cables does your loved one need? Find out to ensure that you find the right computer or laptop to fit their needs.

What do you look for in a computer or laptop when shopping for an elderly loved one? Share your ideas in the comments below! And be sure to check out Promocodes.com for great deals on computers and laptops for the seniors in your life.