ColourPop & Disney are Set to Release a Line of Magically Affordable Makeup!

ColourPop & Disney are Set to Release a Line of Magically Affordable Makeup!

Kelsey Ferrara

Kelsey FerraraSep 20, 20187 min read

Photo Credit: ColourPop

Grab your Micky Mouse Ears and prepare to unleash your inner child, because Disney just announced that it will be collaborating with ColourPop Cosmetics to create an affordable makeup line! Finally, you can combine your love for beauty with everything Disney. Inspired by six iconic Princesses (including Tiana, Cinderella, Belle, Snow White, Jasmine, and Ariel), this makeup line will be available for a limited time starting on September 28th.

ColourPop fans know the brand for its high-quality makeup that comes at incredibly low prices. Once again, ColourPop didn't disappoint when it comes to helping us save money on our favorite makeup! All of the products in the Disney Designer Collection are incredibly affordable, some products are even half the price of their generic counterpart! That's great news for Disney fans who are looking to grab this collection without spending an entire paycheck. This is Disney's first journey into the high-quality world of makeup, and it surely won't disappoint. They are releasing a shocking, 18-piece-collection that will include an eyeshadow palette, single shadows, lipstick, lip gloss, and highlighters that will all pay homage to the wonderful world of magic. Can't wait for the collection to drop? Check out info on individual products below:



It's a Princess Thing, $20

The highlight of this collection is the 15-pan eyeshadow palette that was inspired by the iconic cast of Disney Princesses, and it even features their signatures! Each color is highly pigmented and slightly sparkly, making it perfect for everyday or high fashion looks. Did we mention that each color is named after familiar Disney-esque names including: Poison Apple, Enchanted Rose, Thingamabob, Grumpy, and Fairy Godmother. The best part of this palette is that it's only $20! That's an amazing price when you realize that you're getting 15 unique, high quality shades. In comparison, palettes of this caliber usually range between $30-$40! And if you still don't want to drop $20, you can reach for a few of the single shade eye shadows that are only $5 each!

Heigh-Ho Eyeshadow

Heigh-Ho, $5

This ivory, pearl shade is the perfect accent color that will help you stand apart! This shadow will leave you humming along to the classical Heigh-Ho tune that captured our hearts in Walt Disney's first hit film.

Under The Sea Eyeshadow

Under The Sea, $5

Life is better with this stunningly bright seafoam green shade! Complete with a subtle golden sheen, this eyeshadow is perfect for all occasions, including escaping the clutches of an evil sea witch or meeting your Prince Charming on a beach.

Almost There Eyeshadow

Almost There, $5

Nothing can get in your way with this deep bronze shade that's coated with shimmering silver glitter! If you're bouncing through the bayou or making friends with fireflies, this glimmering shade is an absolute must-have!

Be Our Guest, $5

Be Our Guest, $5

If you're stressed, it's this shimmering pink eyeshadow we'd suggest! This is a standout shade in the group, and we think it would go perfectly with the matching Belle lipstick. This eyeshadow is a lovely berry pink shade that features a unique blue and violet sheen.

So This Is Love Eyeshadow

So This Is Love, $5

We've fallen head over heels for this sparkly shade! While this is definitely one of the more tame shades of the bunch, the soft pink hue and frosted finish is perfect for any glammed up Queen or a more understated Princess.

A Whole New World Eyeshadow

A Whole New World, $5

Tell me, Princess, when was the last time you've seen an eyeshadow this adorable? This icy lavender features pink, silver, and baby blue glitter that is sure to leave your makeup looking extra magical!



As apart of this collection, each of the six featured princesses has her own shade of a creamy matte lipstick. We know that it can be challenging to find your perfect shade of makeup online, especially when you can't swatch it. But thanks to Colourpop, you can check out these online swatches that will help you pick out the perfect shade for your skin tone. Did we mention that each of these lipsticks are only $7 each? This is a spectacular deal when you compare it to other beauty brands that price matte lipstick between $10-$30.

Tiana Lipstick

Tiana, $7

This deep red is named after Tiana, one of the newest Disney Princesses, and will make you feel just like Evangeline! We know that you're almost as busy as Tiana, and you don't have time to worried about makeup. That's exactly why you need this creamy and long-lasting lipstick that was made for every skin tone.

Jasmine Lipstick

Jasmine, $7

The shade Jasmine is a hot pink that will add a special pop to your look! With such a pigmented shade, your Prince Charming will surely spot you - whether you're cruising around town on your magic carpet or relaxing with your pet tiger.

Snow Lipstick

Snow, $7

Have you been waiting for true love's first kiss? This candy apple red, which is aptly named after Snow White, will leave you feeling ready for your Prince Charming. Not to mention, this entire collection is vegan, cruelty-free, and not tested on animals.

Belle Lipstick

Belle, $7

We're all searching for something more than this provincial life! And we think we might have found it with this enchanting rose berry shade that is perfectly crafted for all skin tones. This versatile shade is a must-have to complete your makeup look!

Cinderella Lipstick

Cinderella, $7

Every Princess needs a true pink in their makeup bag! With this lipstick you will look absolutely stunning - right up until you have to run home at the stroke of midnight. All of your ugly step-sisters are sure to be jealous of your stunning pink pout thanks to this pigmented lippie.

Ariel Lipstick

Ariel, $7

Ariel is an understated peachy and beige nude that is perfect for a Princess that is opting for a natural look. This shade is an amazing accent color for aspiring mermaids and is fitting for any casual or dressy look that you and your fishy friends can image. Just add a few accessories and thingamabobs and you'll be ready for a magical night!

Lip Gloss

Lip Gloss

If lipstick isn't quite your style, then you should spring for the trip of Lip Gloss that is also being released as apart of this magical makeup collection! While these glosses aren't named after a specific Disney character, they are named after the famous song the Fairy Godmother sang to Cinderella before heading off to the Ball in her horse-drawn carriage. These shades are aptly named Bibbidi, Bobbidi, and Boo, and each offer a unique and shimmering look!

Bibbidi Lip Gloss

Bibbidi, $6

This clear gloss has a truly magical effect that will transform any look thanks to its golden shine. Made with jojoba oil, this lip gloss moisturizes and nourishes your lips so you are always ready for true love's first kiss.

Bobbidi Lip Gloss

Bobbidi, $6

All of your wishes are sure to come true with this perfect shade of soft coral. This lip gloss is all shine and is made with a sheer tint of color - which, of course, is Fairy Godmother Approved.

Boo Lip Gloss

Boo, $6

You won't want to rush home at the stroke of midnight when you're wearing this ultra-shiny warm rose lip gloss. This gloss creates a glassy finish that is made to provide juicy, fuller-looking lips.



We can all use a little extra flair sometimes, and these duo highlighters are here to help create the perfect shimmering look. These two shades will help you light up the night by making your cheekbones look slightly shimmering and perfect. Both of these shades are neutral highlighters that tend to create a more natural and stylish look. You can grab these for just $8 each,

Highlighter has become a huge trend this year, and because of their popularity, other beauty brands usually price them between $15-$25 each. However, you can grab these Disney-inspired beauties for just $8 each! Be sure to grab one before they sell out. After all, what's a Princess without a little glitter?

Part of Your World Highlighter

Part of Your World, $8

You're going to be glad that this natural pink shade is apart of your world and your makeup routine. This highlighter has a bouncy texture that create the ultimate glow and will leave your cheeks as sparkly as Ariel's collection of Thingamabobs!

A Smile and A Song Highlighter

A Smile and A Song, $8

It's always a bright and sunny day with this super shock highlighter! This is the #1 product if you're trying to create a more natural makeup look (not to mention, it's sure to impress Prince Charming). As a highlighter that's buildable, blendable and ultra soft - you can't go wrong with this product.