Coffee Order Hacks You Need To Know

Feb 23, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Tired of your same old coffee order? No matter where you get your morning caffeine boost, there are a few simple ways you can add some flair to your order that will have you wondering why you’ve never thought of it. Spice up your daily cup ‘o joe with this insider tips and tricks to get you the most bang for your buck.

Order your drink in a larger cup

Even if you’re just drinking regular coffee, ask for your drink in the next larger size cup. Especially if you use cream or milk, this will make sure you get as much coffee possible for the price. Bonus: often times, they’ll overfill it slightly so you get even more than you bargained for, plus extra room for milk so there’s no overflow.

Save money and DIY your lattes

At any coffee shop, lattes are often much pricier than just a regular old cup of coffee. If you like your drinks iced, order a few shots of espresso or an Americano—but ask for it in the next size cup (get a small in a medium, etc). Then, simply take your cup and fill it up with your choice of milk at the coffee bar. Voila, an instantly iced latte for half the price.

Adjust the amount of flavoring in drinks

Depending on if you love or hate sugary coffee drinks, you can alter the amount of flavoring in your coffee to get it just right. At Starbucks, a hot tall drink has three pumps, a grande four, and a venti five. If you like your vanilla latte with even more flavor, ask for extra pumps. Or, if you’re trying to cut down on the sugar, go with one or two to add a hint of sweetness.

Try off-menu items

At Starbucks, there is a “secret menu” filled with concoctions that customers have created and drinks that have been removed from the current menu. Check it out online, and if something sounds delicious, simply give the barista the recipe and they’ll be able to whip it right up. The Medicine Ball and Cotton Candy Frappuccino are delicious fan favorites.