Clean Your Virtual Desktop with Iolo

Oct 02, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

Is your PC Health in desperate need of a full checkup? Is it getting slower and slower with each and every use? Is there less and less disk space available even though you are not saving new files or installing new programs?

Well, hate to break it to you, but these symptoms aren’t just the simple “wearing out” of a tried and true machine—it is caused simply by one of the most despised factors in Windows performance degradation: system clutter and junk files.

Speed up, clean, and optimize with Iolo Technologies, a leading software company offering patented technology and award-winning software that repairs, optimizes, and protects computers and digital devices to finally enable users to enjoy the full computing potential of their devices. It’s widely recognized by both consumers and industry experts as a worldwide leader in the system utility software market and has long been touted by both PC Mag and CNET for all its exceptional products.

Why not remove dangerous computer clutter with just one click using System Mechanic’s greatly enhanced all-in-one PC Cleanup tool? Or how about literally scrubbing that hard drive clean with DriveScrubber, a top selling tool for securely erasing data from hard drives, USB drives, and other digital storage media?

Rest assured, iolo has got all of your clean computer needs covered. Here are some of the best and most popular products from their line of greats that users can utilize to easily clean up and out their desktops.

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System Mechanic® 

With over 50 performance features at your service, iolo’s best and brightest deploys a series of complex automated maintenance actions to help keep PCs stable and clutter-free. It goes about digging deep into all operating system to adjust dozens of hidden processor, memory, Internet, and hard drive settings to make for maximum speed and performance -- working all while your PC is idle to remove unnecessary junk files, registry fragments, and other needless clutter that confuses and slows down Windows.

Various real-time features from processor-hogging apps, unlocking trapped RAM and idle processor cores for programs when they need it, and improving a whole cache of under-performing network settings then work together to provide the smoothest streaming, gaming, or browsing available with any broadband connection. With just one click, you can easily -- not to mention -- super conveniently breathe new life into your desktop. What are you waiting for?

System Shield® 

Shield and protect by using a high-performance real-time anti-malware engine to keep all viruses, spyware, worms, trojans, rootkits, and other malicious software at bay.

Truly a trifecta of greatness, this easy-to-use spyware slash software not only protects against threats, but also provides invisible real-time protection while permanently removing infections.

Plus, since it protects without unnecessary add-ons or background activities—and nearly zero resource consumption—the software definitely won’t weigh down your system. Go ahead. Locate and exterminate computer pests and parasites now and forever more!


Clean. Remove. Delete. Erase. Whatever. Just get rid of unneeded data safely and securely with this top selling tool for all hard drives, USB drives, cameras, and other digital storage media all by using military-grade algorithms to prevent loss of valuable and sensitive information when PCs are sold, donated, recycled, or reassigned.

Secure personal information, photos, passwords, or important files from prying eyes by wiping that drive once and for all so that the data can never be recovered. Wash and scrub, baby.

Search and Recover™

Reached a glitch in all that scrubbing and cleaning out? Luckily, iolo has got its very own way to get things back with a powerful data recovery tool designed to retrieve accidentally deleted files, photos, documents, music, videos, and email messages from hard drives, memory storage cards, and portable devices.

Using smart technology, the tool recovers data from malfunctioning, damaged, formatted, and repartitioned drives and devices with One-click restoration that makes it super easy and quick. There is no need to worry or fret if and when a problem ever occurs. Really.