Cigar Smoker Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Jun 11, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

Father’s Day 2018 is just around the bend, but fear not, you needn’t look any further because has what you need: cigars. Just think about it, dads love cigars. It’s one of those unspoken things that is simply true. Whether smoking cigars is a regular thing your dad enjoys or just something he only breaks out every once in a while, for special occasions, cigars make a great gift. On you can shop for premium cigars and smoking accessories from top-quality brands while still saving a little cash.


There’s a certain romanticism to cigar smoking. It carries and weight with it that seems fitting of fatherhood, they can be full-bodied, seasoned, both tough and gentle. Smoking a cigar is a moment for conversation and contemplation, either deep or shallow. In both cases, there’s an opportunity for bonding, demanding a drawn-out experience that facilitates connection. With a sample box of extremely limited rare Fuente cigars for $94.95 you can create opportunities to make memories. Shop the sale at to get dad a rare box to enjoy. Maybe you can have a long talk with your dad about life while you smoke them, or maybe even just sit on the back porch and listen to the tree frogs chirping in the night, enjoying each other’s company. The possibilities are endless and the capacity for connection is all rolled up into that cigar waiting to be ignited and enjoyed. Whatever his vice, you can find a great selection and save with coupons for and keep the memory making and bonding time alive.


If your dad is, a cigar aficionado already he will not only appreciate a high-quality cigar as a gift but cigar accessories too. A nice humidor goes a long way, allowing your dad to store cigars without them getting dry and losing their flavor. JR Cigars has a great selection of products to add to your dad’s collection of gadgets and toys for his study. Not only that, but it adds an elegance to the experience that your dad will appreciate, making it a worthwhile investment for a man who loves cigars because it’s a gift that will keep on giving. Looking for a pricey gift you can save on? Find a top of the line humidor and saving with a JR Cigars coupon code and get $20 off on orders of $100 or more.

Similarly, you can’t go wrong with a snazzy ashtray staying in line with the whole elegance business. It makes the whole experience more enjoyable to maintain a certain elevated aesthetic when it comes to cigar smoking and even simple accessories from Serious Cigars like a nice glass ashtray help to create that environment. Is dad interested in the new and literature behind it? Sign him up for the email newsletter and get $5 off when you redeem this coupon for Serious Cigars.

Your dad will really appreciate the effort you put into a thoughtful cigar purchase. Again, whether it’s something you know your father enjoys or something new you want to try together cigars makes great presents for Father’s Day. Maybe your dad is a whiskey drinker; cigars pair perfectly with whiskey, bourbon and scotch alike, so you could buy your dad a nice bottle of whiskey and get him some cigars to enjoy with it. Heck, you could even buy your dad a cigar as a joke knowing he’ll never smoke it if you think it’ll beckon a wave of laughter! Really, it’s the thought that counts, so as long as you can convey to your dad that you put thought into the gift he will appreciate it. Stop by this Father’s Day to get great deals on cigars and all the accessories you could ever need!