Cholesterol Awareness Month: Healthy-Hearts Saving You Money

Sep 24, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

September may be “back to school month,” but it is also “Cholesterol awareness month,” the one time out of the year when protecting your heart health is promoted vigorously. Although there are many efforts to increase cholesterol awareness in September, many returning students, adults and the elderly continue to overlook their hearts health. Much of this is due to Americans having busy schedules, poor eating habits or merely being passive about their cholesterol levels. Also, many people with high levels of cholesterol are not entirely aware of the risk factors that come with having an unhealthy heart. This has nonetheless resulted in generations of ill-informed people.

According to a survey conducted by Cleveland Clinic, “Only four in ten Americans knew a healthy blood pressure reading was less than 120/80… only a quarter (23 percent) know that a person is considered overweight with a BMI of 25 percent or more.” Also, “A, mere 12 percent of Americans know they should start getting screened for homolateral between ages 18-24.” If society continues to allow their heart health to fall between the cracks, deaths due to cholesterol related issues will continue to weigh in as the leading cause of death for Americans.

doctor taking pulse

Senior author Dr. Benjamin Hibbert, an expert on cholesterol health issues, mentions, “Effectively convincing people to a adopt and sustain healthy lifestyle changes requires a better understanding of what makes them tick” In other words, people need to be made aware of the life-threatening possibilities when they choose not to care for their heart correctly. Also, individuals need to be educated in what remedies ease cholesterol.

Fortunately, recent developments in nutrition and wellness have conceived a veritable arsenal of natural remedies subduing cholesterol health dilemmas with fewer risk and side effects. As a result, reputable nutritionist, nutritional and wellness brands have developed to inform and aid people with high cholesterol.

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