Cheap Flower Delivery Under $20

May 23, 2014Reading Time: 4 min

It is, in fact, possible to send someone flowers for under $20. It’s easy to want to partake in this online floral delivery revolution because there are so many occasions that call for it: Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and get-well gestures always summon the thought of bountifully beautiful bouquets. It is, however, occasionally disheartening to stumble upon surly service fees and high prices for a few flowers and a vase. But there is a way to find a suitable floral arrangement for less than $20 and send it to the person you love.

Prices also depend on the season. When important dates approach, flower delivery services tend to offer awesome promotions. The more love-oriented holidays always bring out the best in deals. In the case that an amorous event is not on the horizon, cheap flower delivery for under $20 is still a regular option for any cost-cutting cupid.

Flower Delivery Under $20

 There are a number of stores that offer low-priced bouquets regularly; others require a promotional code to drop the price below $20. In the case that you have more than one recipient to deliver to, you should always opt for wholesale flower delivery. Wholesale flower delivery grants the possibility to send a neatly packaged set of a dozen on a per-rose cost basis, typically for the price of around $0.70 per rose. Global Rose first comes to mind; a dozen roses start at $12, but you have to buy at least three sets. This makes purchasing multiple arrangements financially simple for Mother’s Day—when you mind have more than one person to send to—and weddings. Although wholesale flower delivery from services like Global Rose may not be a great option for individual recipients, it makes the process more cost-friendly when occasions require more than one bouquet.

100 Blooms of Peruvian Lilies

Often you’ll see a sales section at online delivery stores. ProFlowers, for instance, has a category reserved for flowers costing only $19.99. The Peruvian Lilies arrangement has 100 blooms and 25 stems, which makes it a respectable floral gift and priced less $20. While vases cost an extra $6.99 at ProFlowers, senders can deliver a bouquet with a free glass vase with any cut floral order. The discount applies simply by clicking the link. One Dozen Rainbow Roses costs $19.99 as well. If you want to deliver a more high-end flower gift, ProFlowers offers 20% off orders over $39. This drops the price down to $31, which isn’t much more considering the increase you receive in value.

Flower Delivery Under $30

From You Flowers is another website with a budget-helping sales page. Presently, the company offers 20 different bouquets priced in the $25 range. You must click the ‘sale’ link located at the top of the homepage to find flowers under $30. To drop the price under $20, use a From You Flowers coupon code for 15% off. You will see the banner below at the top of the page, telling you the coupon code has activated.

Rose & Lily Lemonade Bouquet

The Rose & Lily Lemonade Bouquet is one such example of a low-priced yet beautiful bouquet from From You Flowers. Only $23.99, once the coupon code is activated you will see the price decrease to $20. CBSNEWS says it’s the “Best Value Online Florist” for a reason.

The Simply Cheerful Mixed Rose Bouquet

The Simply Cheerful Mixed Rose Bouquet from The Flower Factory is another selection that falls below $20. Initially, it is $29.50—which is already a good deal for 12 stems—but if you use a $10 coupon that price drops to $19.50. A service fee applies which increases the cost slightly. 

Flower Delivery Under $40

Featured on Shark Tank, The Bouqs is a uniquely attractive business model. It doesn’t charge a delivery fee and every standard bouquet has a flat fee of only $40. As well, floral arrangements are sent in simple, modest packaging, differentiating itself from other flower services. Customers can save 15% on their first order, and those who sign up for The Bouqs newsletter get 25% off bringing the price to $30.