Celebrate National Video Game Day with these 10 Gaming Must-Haves

Sep 11, 2018Reading Time: 5 min

National Video Game Day is observed by gamers and enthusiasts across the nation! When they were first invented, video games started as a source of creativity and expression and have developed into a unique art form and their own industry. If you're a fan of video games or are looking to observe this holiday, be sure to stock up on snacks and grab your favorite video games for a 24-hour marathon! If you really want to go the extra mile when celebrating this holiday, you can check out the ten retailers below that are all offering unique merch that gamers will love.

Highscore Shades

Highscore Shades

When sporting these shades, everyone will know that you are a proud gamer. These sunglasses take things back to the golden age of video games and arcades. These Highscore Shades from Knockaround add a touch of nostalgia that will remind the wearer of the time when a handful of quarters meant hours of fun on classic video arcade games. These shades feature a glossy, black frame with an 8-bit space battle interior, colorful streamers, and cool blue fronts. These sunglasses even feature the iconic spaceship from Galaga!

Online Games

Online Games (that will pay you!)

WorldWinner delivers skill-based games that are designed to fuel every gamer's inner winner! This is also perfect for hardcore gamers who are looking to make a little extra cash from their passion. World Winner is a trusted source that is associated with GSN and is owned by Sony Pictures Entertainment and AT&T Entertainment Group. At WorldWinner, you will find a huge range of games including Tetris, Solitaire, Scrabble, Wheel of Fortune, Angry Birds, and more!


Cosplay Gear & Makeup

National Video Game Day is the perfect time to grab some amazing gear for your next cosplaying masterpiece. If you're searching for an epic costume that will pay homage to your favorite video game character, you have to check out all of the costumes available through Halloween Express. Or, if you're more interested in creating a DIY cosplay, you can grab all of your makeup needs from Halloween Express - no matter how basic or complicated your look is.

Video Games

The Newest Video Games

As the largest video game retailer in the world, GameStop is the best place you can visit to grab all of your favorite games. This company has an expansive collection of video game titles and genres so you are sure to find everything that you're looking for right here. Want updates on the newest video games and the latest releases? Be sure to check out GameStop's upcoming games page for all of the new releases!


High-quality Posters

Want to add some flair to your walls? The most convenient way to bring in art to your space is to add some amazing posters from Society6. This poster is printed on smooth, glossy paper for sharp and features high-quality images and super vibrant colors. Not to mention, this poster features some of the most iconic video game characters including Pacman, Mario, Q*bert, and more!

Legend of Zelda Apparel

Comfy Apparel

As any casual gamer knows, this shirt features the iconic crest from The Legend of Zelda. This crewneck has short sleeves and comes at 2/$20 from Kohl's which means you can snag two gamer shirts for an amazing deal. Not to mention, you can add a coupon code from and get an even better deal! This is an incredibly comfortable shirt that is perfect to lounge around in and play some video games.

Unique Wall Art

Unique Wall Art

You can spice up your bedroom or loft with some unique video game art from Romwe that brings together modern and retro technology. These stickers include the black silhouette of several different controllers, keypads, and vibrant yellow and green shades. This is an amazing way to liven up a room and show your love for video games. The types of controllers include those for the Xbox, Wii, Computer Mouse, Nintendo Switch, and more!


A Classic Backpack

Want to take your favorite video game with you on the go? Grab this Super Mario Bros. backpack for a super low price, only from Old Navy! This durable canvas backpack contains padded shoulder straps and an incredibly spacious interior. Along with function, the backpack itself features Mario, Luigi, Toad, Yoshi, and more of your favorite classic video game characters!

Pokemon Popsockets

Pokemon Popsockets

If you were a 90's kid, then your childhood was most likely shaped by Pokemon. If you're a fan of the anime or the video game, this Popsocket is a great way to show your love for the series. The iconic look of a Pokeball is the perfect way to tap into your nostalgic side while giving your phone a nerdy, chic look. Popsockets themselves are incredibly affordable and offer a secure way to grip your phone and take better photos. It even offers a functional, convenient stand so you can watch videos on the go.


An Epic Gamer Tee

If you're looking to give an awesome gift to the gamer in your life, look no further than this awesome Gamer shirt. This comfortable, casual tee will quickly become one of their favorites as it is loose-fitting and comes with a retro design. This durable shirt can last through a ton of gaming marathons, so be sure to grab it while it's there! Not to mention, when you shop at Zazzle, you are supporting independent artists from around the world.