Celebrate National "FitFlop" Day with this Stylish Offer

Jun 11, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

Happy National Flip Flop Day!

June 15th is the day that we all celebrate how flip flops have made it easier to embrace our fun and fashionable side - which is even easier thanks to FitFlop! From the practical to the dressy (and everything in-between), FitFlop has given us more freedom in wearing what we like and what makes us feel confident - no matter what the day brings.

You may be in the group that’s thinking: ok, I’ve heard of FitFlop, but what are they? Are they really that special? Well, to start, they don’t provide your standard flip flops. Their shoes have a special component called "footbed technology" to provide you with all day comfort that doesn't wear down over time. Plus, every style features an ergonomic design and triple density construction. To celebrate National Flip Flop Day, FitFlop is even offering an extra 20% off discount on all iQushion styles, one of their most popular designs! If you're still not sold on FitFlop, here are a few more factors to consider:

Crystal Silver Flip Flops

They can Inspire You

FitFlop chooses strong female role models who discuss finding a balance between work and play, like Uma Thurman. They also use the hashtag #Forsuperwomen to highlight all the things that women do and how fashion and confidence can help support women when reaching their goals. While ordinary flip flops offer little in the way of support, iQushion sandals are light, cushioned, and provide all-day comfort. One of our favorite styles is the Crystal Ergonomic Flip Flops which are studded with crystals that will add a touch of sparkle to any outfit.

Mirror Black Flip Flops

They're More Than Just Shoes

As Uma Thurman said in her campaign, "Learn more, be kind, stay healthy," and we couldn't agree more. This healthy mindset helps us decide when athleisure suits our pace, when we should prioritize comfort, and when we should all just stop being so hard on ourselves. One product that perfectly encompasses this mindset is the iQushion Ergonomic Mirror Flip Flops! While these are perfect for a trip to the beach, they're also engineered with air-foam cushioning for support in high pressure areas.

Brown Crystal Flip Flops

They Bring a Deeper Meaning to Fashion

Women suffer for style, especially working women. Why are we expected to toss comfort to fit society's expectations of how we "should" look? FitFlop is a brand that truly elevates fashion and comfort, and it makes us ask bigger questions about how we view ourselves, prioritize our health, and judge others. The Crystal Ergonomic Flip Flops highlight this notion by giving wearers a sandal that will offers both style and comfort that will make you look and feel amazing.

National Flip Flop Day is also the perfect day to reflect on what makes some shoes the perfect pairing of comfort and style. It takes something special to create shoes that you can walk in comfortably and still look good in, but the stylists at FitFlop have made this the focus of their career. Just like FitFlop offers a comfy fit, it also stocks styles that suit anyone! And don't forget to apply a coupon from to save even more on your order.