Buying Tickets and Finding All the Best Deals

Buying Tickets and Finding All the Best Deals

Pamela Chan

Pamela ChanJul 17, 20175 min read

Summer is the official season for fun in all things entertainment, which just means everyone and anyone looking to enjoy themselves will be scouring websites and braving the lines to score on the hottest gig or event tickets. 

From movies and concerts, to sports and other not-to-miss activities, finding deals so that you aren’t paying the full-blown price isn’t always easy—sometimes it’s even near to impossible, especially if waited until the last minute.

What’s important to remember though is that when it comes to looking for cheap entertainment finds, it pretty much boils down to hard patience and knowing where to look. Websites like, for example, are essential for searches like these, as they not only provide some of the best deals on event tickets, but flights, hotels, cruises, and car rentals as well—basically anything to get that next vacation of yours off to the perfect start.

Comparing prices is easy peasy and so is making reservations. If you’re on a tight schedule, last minute deals are also easily discovered on the site. So, no excuses anymore. Turn your dreams of a stellar summer into a reality by perhaps getting out of the sun for a change and into some air conditioning. Splurge but save on all the best gig tickets with these handy tips.

For Concerts or Sporting Events

Summer tickets for concerts or baseball games can get pricey really fast, but finding cheap tickets for both doesn’t always have to be difficult. Essentially, there are a couple of routes to take, ranging from purchasing tickets right when they go on sale to be on the safe side or to take the risk of waiting to buy them second-hand.

The first option caters to those who are unwilling to wait out on cheap tickets for fear that an event might sell out. Reasonably priced tickets can usually still be found later on though, especially if you know where scour for them. Here are a few other ways to go about scouring for the best deals.

Buy tickets from real people directly

Check Craigslist or other similar websites where single individuals often post items for sale. It’s good to always check a day or two in advance of the show, or, if you’re looking for truly last minute options, on the day-of to find sellers who themselves will not be able to make the event and are attempting to sell their own tickets. With this option, however, there is always the issue of scams, so to avoid any trouble, always meet with a local seller in person and never giving out any bank information.

CNET points out the benefit of buying tickets on Craigslist is that people are usually then purchasing directly from hardcore fans who have scheduling conflicts and just want to rid themselves of the burden of a wasted ticket. If all else fails take a look at look at ticket brokers.

Earn tickets by spreading word about the upcoming show

Become a big part of the conversation and promote the event you yourself are so excited on attending by perhaps joining a street team to promote the concert or event by putting up posters, telling your friends, and sharing all over social media. This way, you can get “paid” with free tickets to the show, and sometimes, be offered the reward of special VIP passes or merchandise. Sweet.

Subscribe to a "seat filler" membership

Dig through the internet for possible local seat filler companies allowing event goers chances to score free tickets to a wide variety of concerts, local theater, comedy, sports, and expos in an effort to help venues fill unsold seats in the area.

Do some good and volunteer for the event

Get up close and personal, literally, by applying to become a volunteer for the said event and attend the concert for free. Check a band or music festival’s website several months in advance of the event date to see if this might be an option. This is especially great for those with ample experience with music equipment, sound, or lighting, that can help get a gig going (as well as lend a hand helping out the band or venue with setup or cleanup).

Take advantage of presale events

Early birds to the game can go about getting super cheap tickets by keeping an eye out way in advance of a show for when tickets go on presale and for when they might have a reduced price.

It’s always good also to join a band’s fan club or mailing list to hear right away about when tickets will go on sale. Check music festival sites for very discounted “early bird” tickets as well or look into credit card companies such as MasterCard or Citi Card, which all offer discounts and advance tickets to cardholders before they go on sale to the public.


Of course, the traditional and cheapest way to see a movie is to just go in directly to the theater in the wee hours of the early afternoon to experience the cinematic bliss of a wallet friendly midweek matinee. Unfortunately, not all of us 9 to 5 worker bees have that luxury and often to go about looking for other ways to find lower priced tickets instead.

It definitely takes some digging to find the best deals, but it shouldn’t be too difficult to save cash at any movie theater. One simple trick might be to sign up for free advanced screenings of movies or to scour through tons of discount codes such as these.

If you love the silver screen but aren’t in love with the ever-increasing prices, these simple hacks are just a few ways to get you on your way to some much-needed entertainment and fun. Go ahead and find the best deals today!