8 Ways to Get Discounted Tickets For Shows, Concerts, And Movies

Oct 12, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Tickets! Sometimes, you just feel like there's no way to score a good deal; other times, the price is unbelievable. Why the variation? How can we save? It's time to whittle the price on our entertainment… here’s how we do it at

1. We plan ahead 

You need to do your research to ensure you pay the least... whenever you find out that tickets will go on sale, mark it on your calendar and be sure to pounce. It's an essential move when you want to avoid a mad-dash scramble with resellers.

2. We look for credit card discounts to keep prices lower

This can be either through direct deals (if you live in a large city) or scoring extra cash back on entertainment. Citi Thank You, Chase Sapphire Preferred, and the Amex Blue Cash Preferred Card are three that work for scoring extra. If you go to a lot of shows, it's worth shopping around and keeping a couple of cards open for the perks.

3. Alternately, we strike at the last second

Miss the day tickets went on sale? Hope is not lost! Haunt Craigslist the day of the event and find someone desperate to unload. Take a friend with you when you go to pick up tickets, for safety’s sake, and meet only in a public place after telling everyone where you will be.

4. Be loyal

At, we are diligent about our memberships -- and with good reason. For example, you can scoop up free screening passes with a Regal card, and all you need to do to redeem your tickets is simply give your number at the door. This month’s screening in select cities was Marshall, an excellent film. Do your benefactors a favor by talking about it on social media.

5. Join independent screening sites, like Gofobo

If you sign up to their alerts, you’ll get emails when a screening event opens (and you can get yourself on the list post-haste). It’s a cheap, fun, and easy way to make the most of opportunities around your city. And you get to check out new theatres, like independent spots and out-of-the-way college screening rooms.

6. Be realistic

It’s probably a good time to be honest and admit that you may struggle to find deep, deep discounts online for major shows. Third-party sellers only have so much leeway. That shouldn’t stop you from making sure you’ve made the most of all your possible opportunities to whittle prices. In other words, 5% savings is still 5% more money in your pocket.

7. Follow our lead

At, we’ve got our finger on the pulse of so. many. deals., including:

Ticket Network: Get 5% off $100 today! Score 3% off all tickets.

Tickets for Less: Get $10 off expedited shipping.

Ticket Liquidator: Get $10 off $350.

8. Get a back-up show on deck

 Is something out of your price range? Check nearby towns for different dates, different events (festivals vs. small venues), or even similar artists if you’re after a particular genre.

Happy Shopping!