Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerMay 02, 20173 min read

Ashford is a new discovery for me, and all the more exciting for it. With Mother’s Day around the corner and lots of excuses to buy watches for mom, I suggest we take a look at what the site has to offer -- and then stack some deals on top of it.

Thick silver timepieces: Possibly my favorite, but even if they weren’t, they’d be in the top three best styles for sure. If your mother is used to the best (and I hope she is!), she may already have a watch with flashes of gold and probably a few bangles and charm bracelets as well.

Funky, dark watches: I was swooning over the matte black Rado, which combines quite a daring look (matte black just seems so… manly) with an oversized, yet streamlined, shape. If the matte black isn’t your thing, I recommend the thicker gold watches with a square face: elegant but eye-catching, and very pretty to boot. This time, let’s spoil our moms with something unexpected.


Colorful bands: What do you get the mom who has everything? I think you should get her something colorful, like a watch with a rose band (I loved the Concord) or one in fresh and unexpected green. They are attention-getting and unusual!

concord-watchesBlinged-out, slim watches: Why not add some frosting to the mix? There are lots of watch faces over at that have little rhinestones sprinkled around, which catch the light beautifully. Some of the best styles are from Concord and Rado.

Bracelet-style watches: A slim band is the opposite of everything we’ve seen over the past couple years, and therefore totally worth springing for. Watches have gotten comically big, and this is a fresher option.

A word to the wise: the price points for these watches is not low, because we’re talking about extra-special luxury purchases for a lifetime of enjoyment, not a tatty timepiece that won’t last through the first shower. And if you’re purchasing something extra-special, shouldn’t it be for your mother, of all people? That is a rhetorical question… because the answer is always YES.

There’s still savings to be had, however. Savings are astronomical on the site, with calculated discounts of anything from $500 to more than $10,000. That blew me away, because, unlike some items with an big price tag, watches are a true investment. They are collectible, tradable, and definitely resellable, so you’re giving your mother a present with a future.

That said, I can still hook you up with savings that will help you whittle down the price at one of my new go-to watch destinations:

  • $10 off and free shipping on purchases over $90
  • $20 off and free shipping on purchases over $180
  • $30 off and free shipping on purchases over $250
  • Brand-specific deals on watches like Movado and Seiko

Happy Shopping at!