The Best Store Apps Worth Your Phone Storage Space

The Best Store Apps Worth Your Phone Storage Space

Heather Gautschi

Heather GautschiJul 16, 20183 min read

In today’s bustling marketplace, it may seem like every store has an app, there literally is “an app for that”. Most of us don’t have unlimited space on our smartphones for all of them, so how do you choose which ones are worth it? When going to the mall is out of the question, these store apps are your best bet to great deals for online shopping. Our handy guide to the best store apps has you covered. Happy app shopping!


If you’re a homeowner with a flair for do-it-yourself décor, the app is a must. Whether you’ve got your eye on a kitchen remodel, or you’re just searching for that perfect bedroom accent, you’ll find what you need easily, all with the added benefit of professional guidance. You even have the option to be connected to a community of homeowners like yourself, and bounce ideas and problem solve with people who’ve been there. Share your favorite images with your friends and family, and get connected with your personalized design team, from architects and interior designers to home improvement contractors. Once you’ve got your designs selected, the app makes for super easy ordering right on your phone or tablet. This app is truly a budget savvy designer’s dream.


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With a truly vast catalog of products,’s mobile app gets high marks for its user-friendly design and availability of pretty much anything you ever wanted. Searching is so easy, you can even find what you’re looking for with just an image. For an extra added bonus, you can scan gift cards and credit cards with this app and add them to your account for easy app shopping. Once your package arrives, you can actually scan the barcode on the mailing label to confirm what’s inside, making it perfect for discreet gift giving.

Best Buy

The Best Buy app is the tech lover’s go-to app. The user-friendly design makes for fast and easy shopping from thousands of electronics and devices. With electronics changing so rapidly, you’ll never be left behind with this constantly updated app. Scan barcodes and get more info on products when you’re in the store, just like a pro.


If you like rewards (and who doesn’t?) be sure to download the Target app. If you’re a frequent Target shopper, those rewards can translate into can’t miss savings for you. You’ll also get notifications about upcoming deals, and they’ll even equip you with an in-store map to help you physically find what you’re looking for.

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With the convenient push notifications, you’ll never miss out on a big sale at Nordstrom. This app is a shopper’s dream: you’ll find everything you need easily by brand, department, or occasion. There’s a playful side to it too: you’ll get a sneak peek in to the social media and editorial side of this major retailer.

Checkout 51

It pays to shop with the Checkout 51 app – literally. This convenient grocery app announces their cashback offers every Thursday. When you purchase eligible items, just take a pic of the receipt to earn your cash back. Once you’ve accumulated $20 in savings, they mail you a check. Getting paid to do the grocery shopping you’d do anyway? Yes please!