Best New Backpacks for Every Age

Aug 18, 2015Reading Time: 3 min

June turned to July, July turned to August, and now September is right around the corner. Along with September comes cold weather, the change leaves’ colors, and, of course, the start of school. And when it's a new year it's time to get some new gear. So here are some school bags for all ages to get you through the next year.

Backpacks for Pre-K

This is a crazy new time in a parent's life with their young child. Many parents are worried that their kids won't have what they need for that first day in a new environment. The best way to make sure their transition is easy is to pack their backpack with everything they need. Disney has really cute, functional backpacks for your toddler. Many come with a detachable lunch boxes that are insulated to keep food hot or cold. Whether they want to brave the fall with Elsa by their side, since the cold never bothered her anyway, or they let the force be with them as they bring along Darth Vader, Target has everything parents need to make their kids feel confident on their first day. 

Backpacks for Elementary School

Although Disney still works really well for elementary school kids many of them want to get rid of the princesses and be treated more like "the cool older kids". Check out Kohl’s wheeled backpacks for your kid. The great feature to these backpacks is that they carry all the additional homework and school supplies your kid needs without causing any stress to their growing spines. No one wants their kid to have a bad back at the age of ten. Plus they double as a great suitcase for any family trips throughout the year. They are definitely worth the investment and will last for years to come. 

Backpacks for Middle School

Now that your kids are older and their spines are stronger they are ready to take on a regular backpack. Jansport and Herschel have a great selection with different patterns and colors. They are cost friendly yet well made, which means if your kid wears one backpack out, buying another is not too much of an issue. But it is very likely that this backpack will stick with them far past their middle school days. It is probably most financially safe to stick with classic styles to avoid it going out of style shortly after purchasing.

Backpacks for High School and College

This is the time were technology really starts playing an active roll in your kid’s school and homework routine. No longer will computer-sleeveless backpacks work for his or her needs. For men, Hex Academy bags are really useful. Not only are they stylish, they are built to carry books, laptops, and supplies with ease. These bags also have sizing options to match the sizing of your kid’s laptop. For women, I recommend Alesya bags. These are fashionable purses that basically can store the entire contents of your desk. This bag has a zippered side pocket built for a laptop and then the rest of the bag to contain anything else that you need.

With school just around you corner, you want your kid to be and feel prepared to turn a new page and start a new year. So make share your kid has the bag they need to succeed in this new chapter of their life.