Best Flight Deals Are Just A Click Away

Jul 06, 2017Reading Time: 4 min

If you are a regular customer of low-cost airlines, you already know that flights have slowly but inevitably become one of the quickest and more affordable travel options for savers all over the world. Companies and destinations might  vary, but the rules for a satisfying booking are pretty much the same when you are scanning the web for deals. Here you will find a few tips to make the best out of this experience.

Make a comparative search

Some website will help you find and compare all the possible flights that match your itinerary. Why using a third party instead doing your own research? First of all, there might always be a company, either new or not well-know, that you haven’t thought about. Who knew that a company called ‘Norwegian Airline’ would have great deals to fly from London to Rome? Some low-cost companies only fly during a short period of time, so you might get the wrong impression that they never cover a certain itinerary just because it didn’t show up in a previous search. Second, and yet maybe most importantly, they sometime offer special discounts if you book through their website (check out, or Skyscanner). Either you are going to use them to book a complete journey or just to have an idea of where to look next, they are a huge help.

Book in advance

Advance bookings are usually associated with two situations: either you must travel on a specific day or you have set your eyes on an interesting offer. If your journey has been planned out to the very last detail, there is little point in wasting time, since prices usually tend to increase. It also worth checking what is the fee for changing dates: it might be more convenient to buy a very cheap flight and, eventually, pay a reasonable fee to change the dates, instead of waiting until the last minute and possibly pay a lot more.

Subscribe to mailing lists

Most companies will have discounts, every now and then, but low-cost companies can surprise you with ridiculously amazing deals. If you are travelling around Europe, for instance, a Ryanair flight might be cheaper that catching a train: some of their tickets are less than £5 on selected destinantions. The best way to have an overview of what’s going on is letting the information come to you via email, so you won’t even need to look for deals.

Take advantage of multiplatforms

Most people are probably aware that anything you do on the Internet leaves a trace. Did you also know your internet search might actually affect the price of your flights? Make sure you delete your cookies and, if possible, check your itinerary from another device – from the mobile app, from another computer, etc. You will be surprised to see that it is possible to look at the exact same itinerary on two different devices and see two different prices! This happens when you check the same dates frequently: the website notices your interest and it automatically increases the price. It will also help to check at different times of the day; the most unusual the time, the better luck you will have. In this scenario, the website tends to adjust the price when there are many users looking at it, so late at night would be a good time for you to hunt for flights.

These are the basic of low-cost travelling by plane, but remember the journey is about you. At the end of the day, you are the one travelling, therefore you should focus on your needs first. Every low-cost company has their own little pros and cons, and you should always check the terms and conditions before booking. Maybe you don’t care about carrying an extra handbag with your cabin luggage, but you’d rather have the choice of seat included. And, once you’ve find the perfect combination, just sit back, relax and enjoy the flight.