Best Bikes Under $300 to Replace Your Car

Best Bikes Under $300 to Replace Your Car

Noah Henry

Noah HenryAug 21, 20133 min read

Bidding adieu to your beloved vehicle is hard. You may miss all that quiet time, the solitude, the stereo. If you live close to where you work, you’ve probably considered buying a bike. There are boundless pros to switching to a bike: they’re easy to finance, they’re eco-friendly, and they require no gas. Studies have also shown that bicycle commuters are healthier, more productive, and require less time off at work.

Still not convinced?

You may be waiting for that cheap price to come along. Many bikes nowadays are racked with expensive tech, which may discourage you from laying down a grand. Still, there are low-cost options out there that have the same great quality, efficiency, and style that wannabe-cyclists look for in a new bike.

Nashbar Trekking Bike - $249.99

A staple in urban commuting, the Nashbar Trekking Bike has 24 different speeds of climbing, top-end, and long distance options. You don’t have to worry about rusting with its corrosion resistant aluminum frame. Its big 700c wheels absorb road bumps, making for supreme control, efficiency, and obstacle clearing. You can drop this already-low price down 11% to $222.50 with code PK813 at Nashbar.

Schwinn City Single Bike - $199.99

For an even lesser price, you can opt for the Schwinn City Single Bike, available at Target. It’s built for getting you from the apartment to the office, complete with a carriage rack for grocery items. With cushioned seating, a chain case for blocking dirt and muck, and a European style, the Schwinn City Single Bike is an alluring option for cross-town cyclists.

SE Lager Fixie Urban Commuter Bike 2012 - $229.99

The SE Lager doubles as a freewheel and a fixie, making it a versatile option for those who deal with diverse terrain. Built for those who see cycling as a lifestyle, the SE Lager is designed with high-end parts like Thick Slick tires and Odyssey Twisted pedals. A bottle opener is even built into the seat. For life on the cement, the SE Lager is a winning alterative. You can find it at the Commuter Bike Store and utilize code 5OFFCBS for a 5% discount.

Gran Royale Women’s Cogsville Comfort Bike - $169.99

Nothing spells fun like this Gran Royale model. Available at Nashbar, it features a durable steel frame, a comfy saddle, and relaxed geometry at wonderful value. If you’re planning on riding to work, its fenders block grime to keep your clothes respectable upon arriving. The built-in gear rear hub negates any worry of having to realign your gears, making it virtually maintenance free. The lightweight alloy rims resist rusting as well.

Schwinn Sierra 7 Comfort Bike - $249.99

The Schwinn Sierra 7 Comfort Bike—available at Performance Bike—is an ideal choice for those who will ride at leisurely speeds on pavement or gravel. Perfect for cruising, gliding, and stretching your legs, this model is in no way designed for those aspire to be professional bikers; it’s simply a convenient, reliable, low-priced option for hours of cycling fun.