Best Baby Shower on a Budget – Your DIY Step-by-Step Guide

Best Baby Shower on a Budget – Your DIY Step-by-Step Guide

Heather Gautschi

Heather GautschiApr 05, 20173 min read

Much like weddings, baby showers are an industry in themselves, which means the price tag can be hefty. Luckily, there are a plethora of ways to save while still creating a unique event.


  • At home: If you yourself don't have a home that can accommodate, seek out a friend or relative. Not only is it free, but it will also allow for a more intimate affair. 
  • Outdoor park: In warmer weather, a park makes for a lovely backdrop. Many are equipped with rooftop patio areas that can be easily decorated for a party.
  • Residents Clubs: Many offer a room for events, and often only require a damage deposit. Designate a friend or two who can volunteer to clean up afterward, and you are on your way to a cheaper, stress free event.


Tons of easy ways to save.

  • Go Digital: Paperless Post, and evite all offer multiple free designs.
  • Free Templates You Can Print at Home: Check out the free designs offered from sites like
  • Design Your Own: if you're crafty, stock up on great deals from Michael's or Hobby Lobby` and go to town.

Decorating for your baby shower is an easy DIY fix.

  • Latex balloons: opting for these instead of mylar will save you considerably. One large baby themed balloon paired with some smaller, monochromatic balloons is all you need. The room will look elegant and you'll still get a great deal.
  • Buy in bulk: great savings option for tableware. Michaels and Party City frequently offer clearance deals.


  • Choose a time that falls between meals for lighter fare
  • Go for an inexpensive theme: Is she craving cereal? Do a fun Cereal Bar with her favorites. Buy in bulk!
  • Potluck: A low cost way to make the event feel more inclusive and intimate. A fun variation: make it a dessert potluck and most of the menu will already be covered. Plus it makes for a great looking table.


  • Bake your own! Think festive mini cupcakes, or loaves of bread
  • Bulk is your friend: a large sheet cake is a great option, and when bought from a bulk store, is considerably less expensive than at a boutique bakery.

Not essential, but an activity can be nice to have.

  • Decorate a Onesie: each guest brings a onesie for decorating. Head to a craft store like Michael's for great deals on supplies. Guests can vote on Cutest, Most Artistically Challenged, what have you.
  • Prizes: PartyCity is great for buying goodies in bulk. Combine bulk candies and festive trinkets in a party cup, and you're set.

It's perfectly acceptable to opt out of this category entirely. If you've got your heart set, here are some great ways to save.

  • BAGS OF POPCORN: Pop your own and arrange in baggies with a “Ready to Pop!' note.
  • MINI BABY BOTTLES: Find these at a dollar store, and fill with assorted candies.
  • PLACE CARD HOLDERS: PartyCity offers great deals on bottle, photo frame, and other assorted place card holders.

Arm yourself with these savings tips, and you'll have a baby shower heavy on elegance, light on the wallet. And remember to have fun!