How to Beat the Fear of Traveling Alone

Aug 26, 2013Reading Time: 4 min

Flying solo abroad is an immensely rewarding way to travel. It’s a growing trend, especially among women, to whisk away to a foreign country and experience all there is to going it alone. You get to control your time and budget; you can reflect on life and move at your own pace; you can meet other solo travelers while visiting bars, hostels and tours, and tell tales of your journey.

Sometimes, however, traveling alone comes at a price. No one’s there to watch your back. No one’s there to keep an eye on your luggage at the train station. Not to worry you—but worrying shouldn’t have to dampen your experience. After all, if you can’t experience the magic of traveling abroad to the fullest, then what’s the point?  

Here are eight budget-friendly products to help you beat the fear of traveling alone:

The Battery Boost – Sprint

Having a dependable cell phone is critical when traveling alone. You never know when something might go wrong. Your battery may die out when you need it most, but with the Battery Boost, you can get an additional hour’s worth of talk time. Hook it onto your keychain and plug it into your phone. It’s ultra-portable and compatible with most devices. Available at Sprint, you can get this luxury for only $24.99 (and receive free shipping by using coupon codes).

_   Safe Skies TSA Luggage Strap – eBay_

The Safe Skies TSA Luggage Strap will help you achieve peace of mind. Perfect for bus or train rides, they fit virtually every suitcase. Only the TSA has a master key to unlock them. Luggage theft is something you should prepare for, and the Safe Skies TSA Luggage Strap will thwart any baggage catastrophe. Via eBay, these handy straps are available for less than $10.

_   SeV Women’s Trench – ThinkGeek_

Inspector Gadget would be jealous. The SeV Women’s Trench features 18 pockets and NoBudge technology, allowing your travel accessories to go unnoticed under its washable and water-resistant exterior. Gadget girls can stash their phones, wallets, eReaders, mittens, sunglasses, and anything else they might want to keep in the folds while walking the town. Find these at ThinkGeek for $119, not including free shipping and 25 percent off.

Hydro-Photon SteriPEN – Camping World

You may run into dirty water. The Hydro-Photon SteriPEN uses ultraviolet light to kill 99.9 percent of organisms in 48 seconds. When traveling abroad, water quality is something you can never be sure of, and water-borne illnesses are avoidable with a simple dip of the SteriPEN. For $49.99, you can knock out disease-ridden bacteria and rest assured you’re consuming clean water.

Door Stop Alarm – Magellan’s

Intruders have no way to sneak past the Door Stop Alarm. When staying at a hostel or hotel, simply place it at the base of the door and it will sound a shrill siren-alarm when someone tries to enter. Reviewed consistently positive, Magellan’s offers the Door Stop Alarm for only $15, and with 10% - 20% off popular travel items, you may see the price drop.

Bushnell Backtrack GPS & Digital Compass – Magellan’s

This device will give you the confidence to explore an unknown city without worrying how to get back. It marks your starting location and guides you back with distance and direction indicators. Whether you’re hiking the Sierras or shopping downtown Shanghai, this palm-sized gadget will direct you to where you started. Charting uncharted territory has never been more convenient.

Eagle Creek All Terrain Money Belt – Travel Smith

Hide your cash and valuables on the inside of this seemingly normal belt. If you plan on adventuring, you can stash the essentials and not be bogged down by heavy bags. It’s a simple, useful and convenient accessory for the price of only $18. Put your mind at ease with this secretive zipper compartment.

_   Addalock Portable Security Door Locks – QVC_

Addalock Security Door Locks are easily installed and removed in seconds. An added layer of security, these work on virtually any door, whether it’s seedy hotel or low-rent hostel. Even keys will be denied entry. These locks are coveted assets for those needing an extra sense of security and privacy on their trip. Find Addalock Securty Door Locks via QVC for $22.79.