Basically, the Perfect Gift for the Man in your Life

Aug 31, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

For anyone with a man in your life, be it brother, dad, or husband, finding the perfect gift is nearly impossible. From chintzy ties to monogrammed, well, anything, you tend to run out of inspiration and ideas for every anniversary, birthday or holiday. There are only so many personalized mugs a man can get. Instead, opt for a useful gift that he will not only enjoy daily but one that will help you get rid of those old raggedy things he calls socks and underwear.

For some reason, men just don’t seem to buy themselves proper basics. They re-wear that same old Hanes tee as an undershirt, even though it has pit stains from ’07 and they put one foot after the other into socks that have seen better days. They are the first ones to buy new tech and electronics at hundreds of dollars but put off investing even $20 in a 2 pack of new boxer briefs that keep their shape. We have the perfect solution for not only your gift-giving dilemma but also for those men who clearly need some wardrobe basics.

Basically, this is the perfect gift for any man in your life. Create-a-drawer at Basic Outfitters to get all the necessities.

basic outfitters taco socks

Patterned socks that fit his personality like this 4 pack of Taco socks, ‘cause tacos are his favorite, duh!

basic outfitters briefs

Then pick the softest and most comfortable boxer briefs he will ever put on. The Modal Date Night Boxer Brief pack comes with 2 pairs of supportive and fitted briefs in grey and black. Or pick colors and patterns to go with the Tacos!

basic outfitters tshirts

Lastly pick the ultimate in basic tees, the Crew Neck Black/Grey 3 pack. Whether he wants to rock it by itself or use these comfy tees as undershirts, they are a basic in the wardrobe that should not have holes and stains.

Help him upgrade his basics with the perfect gift, a new drawer of items he is in dire need of. And the bonus for you? You can pick a wildcard basic item like a blue hoodie, some nice sweats and even more socks (cause let’s be honest he loses them) and have a well-rounded gift you know he will use.

Basic Outfitters has changed the game for gift-giving because it is a gift that truly does keep giving. You can start with the drawer and continue replenishing his need for basics by buying singular items like loungewear, briefs and socks as he needs them. So whether it is a “just because” gift or a special occasion, you can buy him a useful gift he will love for once, and you can leave the “Best Dad” apron alone.