Back To School Buys at Macy’s For Your K-12 Kid

Aug 15, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

Getting your child ready for back to school can be stressful. From making sure they have all they need to succeed to getting the right uniforms and polos to follow dress code, there are a lot of details you may have forgotten about this summer. 

With Macy’s, back to school shopping for your kid is a breeze so you can make the school and your student happy. Macy’s can assist you in all your back to school purchases to get your kid ready.

Jessica is getting ready for the new school year as well and is going into the fifth grade this year. She needs all the back to school supplies too and her and her parents are going to Macy's to prepare!


Jessica is growing fast and she needs some new uniform wardrobe staples to wear this year. 

Her parent's found some great options to mix and match her uniform outfits from great Ribbon Scooter Skirts to comfy uniform Jeggings from Nautica. When it is too warm for pants they got Jessica some Bermuda shorts too so she can play her favorite games at recess without getting too hot.

Jessica loved the detail of the Bow Sleeve polos so her parents got a few in her school uniform colors to wear, and just in case she gets cold they had Jessica pick out a few cardigans to keep her warm in class like this cute Drape Front Cardigan from Nautica.

Back To School Accessories

Since Jessica doesn’t really like having to wear uniforms she wants to show off her personality with fun shoes and accessories she found at Macy’s. She picked out some fun and funky items like her shiny Nina ballet flats and her new Reversible Sequin Backpack to add some sparkle to the new year. 

Jessica and her Parents are almost done shopping for Jessica to start her last year in elementary school but she almost forgot! She needs a new pencil case to keep all her new pens, pencils and classroom gadgets together. Luckily, Jessica's mom found a bright purple Kipling pencil case that is durable to last her the entire year so her classroom utensils are kept together in one place.

Jessica is ready for the 5th grade and her parents are finally done back to school shopping and with Macy’s great uniform options, back pack and lunch bag deals and accessories you can get your child ready and get them excited to show off their new duds at the first day of school too.

Make sure to check out great boys and girls back to school items at Macy's to get your student ready for the new year!