The Survival Kit You need to Throw an Epic Bachelorette Party

Jun 27, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

Calling all Maids of Honor, this one is for you!

Although it's a huge honor to be the brides right-hand-woman on her big day, it's also a huge responsibility. One of the main tasks of the Maid of Honor is to plan an epic Bachelorette Party that celebrates the bride and leaves everyone excited for the wedding itself. This can seem like a daunting challenge, but if you plan it correctly it doesn't have to be. Check out the list below to find exactly what you need to include in your Bachelorette survival kit!

Bachelorette Party Decorations

Pinterest-Worthy Decorations

You can't have a rockin' party without the right decorations! Before stopping by your local shops, be sure to scour the internet for inspiration on decor, themes, color palettes, and recipes.

Once you have a solid plan on how to move forward, you can finally make your way to the store and pick up some balloons, confetti, streamers, and something more unique to make the venue extra festive. If you're feeling particularly inspired, you can set up a Photobooth filled with DIY props and masks. This way, all of your guests can snap some epic photos of the event and keep them as a souvenir. And don't forget - be sure to grab plenty of wrapping paper so you can create the bride's presents and goodie bags for the Bachelorette party!

Even if you're dealing with a Bridezilla, decoration shopping does not have to be expensive or difficult! Check out Party Supplies Delivered to get all of the party equipment you need delivered right to your doorstep - that means no last-minute runs for confetti! If you stop by, you can even receive an additional 15% off coupon for your entire order!

Brides and Bridesmaids Matching Outfits and Dresses

Matching Outfits

What wedding party is complete without matching outfits? Order identical t-shirts for all of the bridesmaids and then a separate one for the blushing bride. It doesn't even have to be shirts - you can do this with anything from matching tiaras to baseball caps to converse to sashes. However, it's up to you to decide how the group should match. Not only is this a great way to get everyone hyped up for a night of celebrations, but getting ready together will also give you some much-needed bonding time!

Hangover Essential Kits

Hangover Essentials

Brunch is the perfect way to finish off a Bachelorette weekend! If you and your gal pals are planning to party hard, then make sure you provide the bridesmaid and the bride with "hangover essentials". You can achieve this by filling small goodie bags with Advil, hand sanitizer, makeup remover, and breath mints, and then handing them out to the girls before going out. This way, everyone will have everything they need to feel good enough to make it to brunch the next morning.

The Little Things, Charges, Gear

The Little Things

Chances are, someone is going to run out of battery during the night out. It'll be even worse if the designated-photographer's phone or camera runs out of battery! Ensure you have charges handy for all of your guests who might need some extra life. Or, you can even grab a portable charger so your guests won't have to wait by a plug while their phone revives. This might seem like going the extra mile- but, trust us, it's definitely a necessity.

Bachelorette Party Favor Ideas

Party Favors!

It wouldn't be a party without the party favors! You can show some appreciation towards your guests by gifting them with little goodie bags before the night is over. You can fill them with bachelorette-themed goodies, such as pins or bracelets that say "Team Bride", or go a bit boujee and include a sugary treat or a small adult beverage.

We recommend giving out the party favors at the beginning of the party, and including the hangover essentials in it, so everyone can dawn their Bachelorette-themed gear beforehand. You can find adorably themed party favors at any party store. Currently, you can receive 20% off your online order at Party City, to grab all of your gear for less! You can also receive $10 off custom invitations and banners on purchases of $50 or more.

Planning the perfect Bachelorette party doesn't have to be challenging or expensive! Make sure you have these essentials covered, and then you're bound to have the most epic party possible. Happy celebrating!