Austin City Limits Music Festival: A Money-Saving Guide

Oct 05, 2017Reading Time: 3 min

For music fans out there, the annual Austin City Limits Music Festival is fast approaching. The event will take place over two consecutive weekends: on October 6th-8th and October 13th-15th in its usual location - Zilker Park in Austin, Texas.

For those of you who are interested in attending, then here are some useful and helpful hints and tips to help you penny pinch along the way, as well as enjoying the event at the same time.


While some websites are listing ticket prices that cost hundreds of dollars, you can still find cheaper tickets elsewhere even though they may still be a bit pricey. Some websites may reduce ticket prices or offer discounts in order to fill spaces closer to the time of the festival.

There are a number of ways to get to Austin and to get to the festival, and a lot of these methods are cheap and cheerful. There are no spaces for parking so it’s best to avoid driving here if you can. You can use public transport, but if you’re coming from downtown then get the downtown shuttle bus - it’s free! If you’re coming from the Greater Austin area or outside of Austin then you can reserve your seat on the Fanzone Charter Bus. Alternatively, if you're located in Austin then you can access the RideAustin rideshare service. You can download the app for enter promo code ACLFEST17 for $5 in credits. You can even get one free ride to the festival each day if you request ‘Honda’ from the vehicle bar, because ACL Fest has collaborated with Honda and RideAustin to provide free Hail-A-Honda Rides to the event!

Alternatively, if you don’t too far from the location then you could consider cycling to the event, or even walking there!


Unless you are lucky to already reside in the wonderful city of Austin, then you’ll need a place to stay. ACL Festival has partnered up with HomeAway to help provide festival goers with places to stay that feel much more like home. Of course, the most obvious option would be to book a hotel at the best price or you could book a hotel package so you can enjoy the perks and get the best value for money, or you can book with airbnb and get a discount via referral links and codes.

Lifestyle and leisure

Even though the main attraction of the Austin City Limits Festival is the music, it’s also a good chance to explore other activities. Explore the park, visit the market, indulge in tasty and delicious food from restaurants and food vendors, and pick up some merchandise along the way! If you get the chance, explore the city of Austin - it’s a great destinations with many things to see and do on a budget.


Last point but certainly not least, here’s a non money saving tip for you all: enjoy the music festival and immerse yourself in the experience!