How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Save Money with Sophistication

How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Save Money with Sophistication

Katherine Stano

Katherine StanoFeb 20, 20183 min read

No longer something only seen in futuristic movies, Artificial Intelligence is showing up in all kinds of products and services. Though it sounds fancy and only for super geeks (disclaimer: we love all you beautiful smarties out there!), mainstream consumers are benefitting from the advantages of AI. Techie simpletons, this one is for you!

So does high-tech have to be high-price? Not necessarily. Some of the current AI products and services out on the market can actually save us money. Here are a few examples to pique your interest and hopefully pad your savings.

Amazon Echo

If you’re considering adding an Echo to your home, we don’t think you’ll regret it. This compact cylindrical device connects you to Alexa, your efficient, new personal assistant. From playing your favorite music to ordering more laundry detergent, this gorgeous gadget takes your to-dos and checks them off your list.

One bright, shining way to save money with the Echo is making your home more energy-efficient. Paired with compatible outlets and thermostats, you can set your lights and home temperature to cut down on costs and switch off any wasteful spending on utilities. Plus, it’s fun!

When you shop on Amazon, including using your Echo, this industry giant uses algorithms to understand your tastes, needs and wants. Admit it, that’s better than most of your besties! Plus, Alexa continues to learn and build upon her digital IQ. How cool is that? Alexa is a total genius with voice recognition, so whether you’re from Scranton or Scotland, your favorite partner-in-progress comprehends your adorbs accent like you’ve known each other forever.

With Amazon Echo, this company provides competitive brands, which means competitive pricing, giving you the ultimate upper hand in purchasing power.


idea lightbulb


None of us are new to Pandora. But, if you love music, and just can’t afford every album out there, it’s a godsend. This fan fave uses AI to study your preferences and play what you like. If you don’t mind ads, then utilizing Pandora for free is the way to go. While there are so many ways to tune into top artists and genres, Pandora makes it easy. Use it on your phone while waiting in line, entertaining guests, or simply relaxing.


Apps like Ada use AI to help determine health issues when you’re feeling under-the-weather. Designed by doctors, this medical tool gives you the option of checking with the app’s highly-trained assessment program before seeing your primary care physician. Ada makes recommendations, giving insight as to how to proceed. It’s not a substitute for formal healthcare but can determine initial, intelligent answers to burning questions. We all know peace of mind is priceless. Ada endeavors to make it not-so-pricey, too.


Another app that makes shopping even more fun is GoFind. Once you spot a jacket, blouse, or haute hat, simply snap a pic with your phone, and the AI app searches comparable pieces. It also compiles brands that cover a variety of price points, so you can compare. Isn’t this what we’ve always wanted? No more hinting around at where your frenemy got her fabulous frock. GoFind will track it down—or something even better! And probably cheaper! Get GoFind and get unlimited access to every style under the sun.

Truly, AI is everywhere, whether we’re constantly following tech trends or not. Knowing it’s ever-evolving, we can continue making better money decisions, making us healthy, wealthy, wonderfully wise.