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By Chris Dato  •  September 09, 2014

A hot trend recently is ‘subscription box’ services. These services aim to make your lives easier by delivering some of the necessities right to your home each month. Companies offer products in a diverse range of categories, anywhere from fashion to hygiene to pet care. Here are just a few of the subscription box services you need to make sure you are taking advantage of.




BirchBox is one of the longest running subscription box services. They have packages for both men and women, which include travel-size portions of high-end beauty supplies, grooming tools, and lifestyle accessories such as bracelets and headphones. Starting at $10 for women and $20 for men, a BirchBox can be a great idea for yourself or your partner.


For Her


Julep wants to make it easier for you to have the perfect accessories for your look. When you first sign up, they ask you a few questions to determine your style profile (I’m a bombshell, no surprise). Each month, Julep puts together a custom box for each of its 5 style profiles and sends yours directly to you. You also have the ability to preview the upcoming month’s items, and decide exactly which products you want in your box. Packages start at $24.99, and include $40 worth of limited-run Julep nail polish and beauty products. Oh yeah, and you get the first month free for signing up!

Glossybox offers a similar service, however they deal exclusively in luxury brands. For $21.00 a month, Glossybox will put together a package of five deluxe-sized cosmetics to be delivered to you. This is a great way to look and feel like a million bucks, without having to spend it.


For Him


Life as a man can be demanding. From rescuing damsels in distress to not stopping to ask for directions, when are we supposed to find time for running errands? The guys behind ManPacks have the solution.  ManPacks is a service that delivers, right to your doorstep, all of the man-ssentials: Socks, shirts, underwear, deodorant, toiletries, condoms, and anything else a man might need. The shipping is always free, and the price of the pack is based on what you choose to have inside.

Another great service aimed specifically for men is Dollar Shave Club, which seeks to cut down the outrageous cost of maintaining your facial hair. The company provides each of its subscribers with a razor handle, as well as a cartridge of razor blades every month. And just as the name suggests, they actually have packages starting at just $1 a month! The company also makes it easy to customize your monthly kit by adding shaving accessories, such as shave butter and aftershave. Whether you shave once a week, or your 5 o’clock shadow shows up at noon, you can’t afford to not take advantage of this service.  




After a long day of work leaves you hungry and tired, the last thing you want to do is push a squeaky-wheeled shopping cart through the grocery store. Wouldn’t it be great if you could have exactly the ingredients you needed for a dinner waiting at your front door? Well say hello to HelloFresh! HelloFresh is a subscription box that provides you with all of the ingredients and instructions you will need for 3 delicious and nutritious meals. They offer an ‘omnivore’ option for $10.75 per meal, and an ‘herbivore’ option (which has no meat) for $9.08 per meal. The ingredients come premeasured, with a recipe card, and can be prepared in 30 minutes or less.

If you prefer snacking to eating a full meal like me, then check out Graze. Each month, Graze will deliver a box of assorted health snacks for just $6.49. These snacks include natural treats, nut mixes, rolled-oat bars and dried fruits. They also offer a low calorie snack box for if you are watching your weight. An interesting recommendation on the Graze website is to have the box delivered right to your work, helping you stay alert and energized on the job.


Loved Ones


Looking for something constructive to entertain your kid? Kiwi Crate provides art and science projects that you can do with your little one. Each Kiwi Crate includes “all the materials and inspiration” for 2-3 activities, with a new theme each month. Themes range from outer space to dinosaurs, and are designed to be not only hands-on but educational. Kiwi Crate also offers a $9.95 ‘sibling ad-on’ to avoid fights.

With all of these awesome boxes showing up for everyone in your house, the dog is probably starting to feel left out. Not to worry, BarkBox is on it. For $29.00 a month, BarkBox will provide your canine with an assortment of toys, bones, treats, and hygiene products- tailored to your dog’s size and needs. Best of all: BarkBox donates 10% of its proceeds to a dog friendly charity.


It is good to remember that because the subscriptions are monthly, you will typically get a discount for committing to an extended period of time.


Subscription boxes are not only convenient for a busy schedule, but a 1-month subscription can also be a great gift idea. They can be a great and unexpected way to show someone how much you care or how well you know them.


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