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By Chris Dato  •  November 11, 2014

Like many of you, I am no stranger to staying busy. I have also made it no secret in previous articles that I am one who frequently takes advantage of the sinful convenience of fast food. However, it is becoming less of a challenge to find healthy ways to satiate an untimely appetite thanks to the recent trend of subscription services. One company taking a refreshing approach to subscriptions is Bestowed.



Each month, Bestowed will send you a box featuring between 7 and 10 products to promote living well. These items include healthy food, snacks, and lifestyle products starting at just $20 a month. A feature that stands out about the company is the lengths they have gone to in order to best serve their customers. The site features a huge selection of products, including snacks to fit nearly any specialty diet. Bestowed has worked hard to find the best options for customers who seek snacks that are gluten free, vegan, kosher, or paleo friendly. For those of you as ignorant as I was, paleo friendly diets consist of eating only foods a caveman would have eaten.



The unique, nutritious, and delicious items in each Bestowed box are the perfect pick me up for when hunger is holding you down. And as if you needed even more incentive to try it, they are now giving two amazing, and most importantly EXCLUSIVE, offers just for us! Now get 15% off 1 month with code PROMOWIN15 or 23% off a 3-month subscription with code PROMOWIN23. Check out what they have to offer and let us know what you think!


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