6 Ways to Make Working Out Fun (and Affordable)

By Noah Henry  •  February 25, 2014

Let’s face it—no one likes working out. It’s dull and uncomfortable. After it’s done, you feel like plumber who’s just finished a grueling shift at the coliseum, and the first thought that enters your mind is I’m never going to do that again.

But then you start to feel good. The endorphins released through the skin, your brain pumped with oxygen, last night’s pasta dinner atoned through a respectable calorie-loss. As humans, we need exercise. But sometimes the boringness of it all overrides our desire to do it. Wouldn’t it be nice if working out was fun, every time? If you’ve ever wanted an alternative to mundane, conventional exercise equipment, then check out these ways to make working out fun.  



Have you ever wondered why kids are so skinny? Well, some. It’s because they like to have fun being active. The Zumba workout is the adult’s version of a youthful outing. It’s been around since the early nineties and over the years has amassed a following of 14 million. On the Zumba website, it says, “Ditch the workout, join the party.” And that’s the philosophy behind the whole thing.

You can sign up for classes and shop at Zumba.com. The classes are said to be full of energy and personality, but you can get the same feeling by utilizing their fully-integrated workout systems—which include DVDs and fitness accessories—through the online shop. Packages start at just $49.95, which is probably a whole lot cheaper than a class. If you’ve ever wanted to combine dance and aerobics into a full-fledged fun time, you can get 10% off orders at Zumba at the moment.

Indo Board

Your favorite TV show is on, you don’t want to work out, but you have to work out. It’s a situation we’ve all found ourselves in one time or another.

You’ve probably heard about the Indo Board. My roommate has one and I hijack it all the time. Frankly, it’s just a whole ton of fun. It engages your muscles through challenging balance training, and it builds your legs’ strength and gets your blood flowing. It takes a little getting used to but once you do, it’s like riding a bike. The lowest price online comes from Sears, where you can currently get free shipping and $5 off.

Journey Gym

Ah, the nagging persistence of never having anywhere to work out. The solution? The Journey Gym. It’s a light, compact, durable universal gym. You can carry it on the plane, to work, to the park—anywhere—and it’s only 14 pounds. As stated on the site, the Journey Gym is the world’s first truly portable multi-gym.

With the capacity to provide serious results through real alternating strength and cardio workouts, the Journey Gym works all six major muscle groups and is compatible with virtually any fitness level. Packages come with a workout DVD specifically designed for the Journey Gym, featuring a 10 minute circuit tone workout and a 20 minute circuit strength workout. It should at least take away some of the frustration involved with never having anywhere to break a sweat. You can find it at Walmart for $193.

Kangoo Jumps

If you’ve ever dreamed of being a kangaroo or a monkey (and God knows we all have), Kangoo Jumps make that dream a reality. Although you won’t technically be a monkey, you’ll certainly fly like one. It’s plyometrics in a fun way, taking away most of the impact of running and jumping. Just from the picture you can induce it’s much like a trampoline—bouncy as all heck. Make a little investment for the sake of your workout fun at eBay, where you can purchase a pair for $150.

ACE FitKit

A 2003 Harvard study suggested that two hours in front of the television increases your risk of obesity by 23%. I spend two hours in front of the TV every day, and I’m starting to get Trucker’s Gut. It’s a medical condition that involves having rolls of blubber where your belly button should be. I’m working on it, but it’d be a whole lot easier with the ACE FitKit.

An instant home gym, the whole package contains a stability ball, a braided resistance band, an 8-lb medicine ball, and a mat. While you watch Dancing with the Stars you can stretch and tone up with this all-in-one.

iHome 2-in-1 Sport Earbuds

Put on Bon Jovi’s “You Give Love a Bad Name” and keep track of your heart rate. Additionally, it’s a pedometer and a stop watch. Although everyone seems to be talking about the FitBit Flex, you get so much more along with the rich sounds of your favorite workout song.

And, software comes with it so that you can upload your data and keep track of your progress. The iHome 2-in-1 Sport Earbuds are available at Kohl’s and Brookstone for $99 or Amazon for $32. 

Noah Henry Noah Henry Noah Henry is an amateur movie critic, foodie, bowler, and beer reviewer. But he's no amateur when it comes to saving money, so listen up!

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