Are You Suffering From Buyers Remorse After the Holidays? Here’s The Remedy

Are You Suffering From Buyers Remorse After the Holidays? Here’s The Remedy

Jonna Jerome

Jonna JeromeJan 03, 20184 min read

Does your stomach feel like Santa left a piece of coal in it when you take stock of your bank account and closet in the aftermath of the holidays? It’s easy to over-do, only to find some of those purchases weren’t of the best quality or of lasting value.

Don’t despair, when it comes to remedying the situation, the January clearances are really your best friend.

Despite those pre-holiday sales, the deepest discounts happen now, so make your list and check it twice: return those less than loved items and hit the clearance racks with a fresh eye. You’re under less stress than you were during the holiday shopping rampage and can calmly address what you truly need,

Here’s how to determine what winter fashion items to spring for without regret:

Save On Denim

We live in our jeans, but the styles and washes we covet change so often, it doesn’t make sense to plunk down the big bucks on a trendy pair that may have a shorter lifespan. If it’s a style or wash that’s of the moment (think studs, tassels, or other embellishments) hunt for a bargain. Quality jeans don’t need to break the bank. You can go for an inexpensive pair and step up the rest of your look with a high-end sweater and shoes.

Save On Statement Bags

As enticing as the latest designer bag may be, only buy it if you can picture it hanging on your arm year after year. For fun, statement pieces, you will find fantastic bags to be had at very reasonable prices. For the cost of one designer bag, you can have several eye-catching ones that do the job just fine, while complimenting several different outfits.

Save On Special Occasion Metallics

Most of us like a little shine in our holiday attire, but if these ensembles hang in your closet all year or longer before you take them for another spin, definitely go for a budget-friendly version.

Save On Jewelry and Accessories

There is always a time and place for classics, but in recent years, costume jewelry has upped its game to such a degree that you can afford to play around with less expensive metals, ribbon, leather, and faux pearls. Often it’s hard to tell them apart from the real thing!

Splurge On Premium Fabrics

Not only will cashmere, wool, leather, velvet, and other quality materials stand up to years of wear, they look better as they age. Pair that longevity with timeless styles (a beautiful sweater, a fitted jacket, a luxe scarf), and see how seamlessly you can mix and match them with so many pants, skirts, and dresses.

Keep in mind care is key: these items are meant to last for years, and when it comes to high-quality wool or cashmere vs synthetics, you can snuggle up guilt-free. However, make this type of investment only if you can commit to proper care, which means dry clean only (yes, it does matter), and never, ever use hangers for knits unless you want to put someone’s eye out with those stretched shoulder peaks.

Splurge On Shoes

How many times have you slipped into that pricey pair of heels only to be hobbling midway through your evening? Or those cute sandals left you with blisters so big you ditched them to go barefoot? Save your feet the pain and invest in quality, well-fitting shoes that can carry you in comfort - or at least not agony! Real leather matters…the synthetics crack and peel, and the dyes discolor your skin. Always wear your new shoes around the house first (carpets, please), so that if they suddenly begin pinching your toes, you can return them without pinching your wallet.

Splurge On Your Personal Style

Don’t hesitate on go-to items you never have to think about when you get dressed in the morning. Whether it’s a certain cut off t-shirt, that brand of jeans, or ballet flats, - if you have developed a style that defines you, stock up in multiple colors and refrain from outliers you think you will wear “someday”. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what flatters you.

Bottom Line

If you can’t take your hands off of it - your feet out of them - or stop thinking about it, then, by all means, go for it! One caveat put the item in question on hold first - and physically leave the store. If you’re still as excited about it the next day, go forth and conquer!