Turn Your Drab Apartment into a Boho Paradise

Turn Your Drab Apartment into a Boho Paradise

Kelsey Ferrara

Kelsey FerraraAug 19, 20185 min read

It’s easy to feel bogged down when you’re trapped inside a boring, gray apartment. But there’s still hope! You can spruce up those empty walls with a few well-placed items that capture your love for everything Bohemian. If you’re stuck inside a barren college dorm room or a dingy apartment building, you can still transform your space so it creates a sense of wanderlust and exploration. Capturing this style means combining a variety of colors, textures, patterns, and decorating styles to create a fun and colorful space.

Don’t know where to start? With a little help from Build.com Home Improvement Products, you can turn any room into a Boho-inspired dream home! Build.com is currently offering an 80% off discount when you use the promo code “ SUMMERSALE “ upon checkout. Liven up your new apartment or college dorm room with a few key pieces of decor that will turn your drab apartment into a Boho paradise.

Ocean Trails Painting

1. Plenty of Paintings

Need something that will remind you of the Boho-vibes of California sunsets? Check out this painting which is titled The Ocean Trails by artist Parvez Taj. This painting is perfect if you’re dealing with a bare room that needs a splash of color! The vibrant hues and stark palm tree silhouettes also inspire feelings of wanderlust and a longing for the ocean. This artwork is professionally hand-stretched and will arrive ready to hang on your wall and brighten up the entire room. Not to mention, every art piece will also come with a certificate of authenticity.

Potted Plants

2. Snag Some Sweet Succulents

Bring your love of nature indoors with a few beautiful succulents and potted plants. These will do wonders when brightening a room, making an entry way more inviting, and adding a homey feeling to the entire space. Bohemian-inspired spaces often use greenery in decor to encourage a sense of wonder at the natural world. While this is a common mindset, don’t feel pressure to get real plants as fake foliage works just as well when transforming a room. For example, the Shell Sea Coast Succulents pictured above would make the perfect potted plant for an end table or bookshelf.


3. Go Globetrotting

If you're looking for something worldly to spruce up your end table, you need to grab a Colombo Small Globe with a Nickel Finish Base. While this design doesn’t capture the bright colors that are usually connected with Boho looks, it does inspire a love for travel and diversity that is always welcome in such styles. This cute desk topper can help balance out your vibrant colors with its much-needed neutral tones and old fashioned, weathered look.

Water Fountains

4. Wonderful Water Fountains

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, you need to add some Boho vibes! Look no further than this adorable Verdigris Outdoor Living Calabria Classical Water Fountain, which will fill your garden with the soothing sound of water. This self-contained and lightweight fountain is very easy to assemble, so you’ll have a new addition to your home finished in just minutes! Complete with tubing and pumping, this fountain is an affordable way to upgrade your entire garden.


5. Sweet Statues

If you can't find room in your budget to travel and spread your Boho-loving roots, there are ways that you can experience other cultures in your own home. You can bring this love for other cultures into your own home with trinkets and knick-knacks such as the Gold Leaf Papillion Elephant Herd Figures like the one pictured above. This statue captures a sense of tranquility that challenges conventional thinking when it comes to home decor.


6. Various Vases

If there’s one thing that will capture a Boho feeling, it’s vibrant and eye-catching colors. Take these Russell Hand-Blown Glass Bottles that would make the perfect decoration within a kitchen or in on a dining room table. Each vase features a unique frost appearance that can perfectly match any variety of styles. These rich shades of aqua, light blue, and soft white will go with any decor while emphasizing a classic Bohemian feel. Apartment kitchens tend to be tiny, so this small collection of vases are the perfect product to save space and money.


7. Renowned Rugs

One quick way to transform a room is to throw down an area rug that has a little personality to it. If you’re in need of something to cover up that gross dorm room carpet, then look no further! This Fire Barcelona Loloi Shag Rug emphasizes vibrant red hues that the Bohemian look is so well known for. In addition, this rug is easy to clean, made from synthetic fibers, and is incredibly affordable.

Indoor Water Feature

8. Well-placed Water Features

Want to transform your living room into a peaceful reading nook? Why not bring the calming sounds of the outdoors into your home? Unfortunately, apartment-living can mean giving up your dreams of having a peaceful garden - but that doesn’t have to be the case! This Kenroy Home Natural Slate High Floor Fountain hugs the wall, allowing you plenty of moving space without sacrificing your sense of style. This fountain can act as the perfect centerpiece for a living room or dining area, you can even top it off with some fake foliage.


9. Lighten Up!

The key to a Boho-inspired room is to balance a sense of movement with rustic and natural undertones. To accomplish this, we highly recommend using accent pieces that promote a sense of fluidity and motion within a space. For example, you can ditch boring and cookie-cutter lamps with something a little more out-of-the-box. An Imperial Bronze Kyle Table Lamp with a Butterscotch Onyx Shade is the perfect addition to any space to make it feel warmer and more dynamic. The Butterscotch Shade gives off a romantic glow that perfectly combines form and function to create something that you’ll use everyday and that looks adorable.

Boho Throw Pillow

10. Add a Boho Throw

Looking for just a touch of bold color in your new Boho paradise? A few well-placed throw pillows can provide the perfect amount of color without overwhelming the room. A Bohemian inspired home needs bold accents and this soft Suzie Happy Pillow Embroidery can add a whimsical touch to any room in your home.