Alternative Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Alternative Ways to Celebrate Halloween

Meieli Sawyer

Meieli SawyerOct 31, 20173 min read

Halloween! Maybe you're not taking anyone trick-or-treating, maybe you're just "not that into it", but everyone is feeling festive, and you want to get on board as well. Here's how to celebrate the spookiest day of the year without impacting your wallet (and still having fun!).

Grab a movie

There are more than terrifying ones playing, and it’s always a cool, fun atmosphere in the theatre on Halloween. And, if you do celebrate Halloween, consider a themed ensemble, with a corresponding color scheme, a headband, or, at the very least, a themed shirt. Some ideas include:

American Made: Get your homegrown pilot look on with a pair of aviator glasses, a linen button-down, and some optional sweat stains.

Jigsaw: Get painting -- some swirls on the cheeks are all you need (plus a dark suit). If you ride a bicycle in the city, then you really have it made.

Boo 2! A Madea Halloween: A Madea-esque dress and wig has never looked so right. Remember to stay culturally and racially sensitive. 

Only the Brave: Proceed with caution. Give the recent devastating fires in California, we recommend forgoing the fireman uniform and just wearing a patriotic t-shirt instead

It: One word: clown.

Suburbicon: Ironic hipster glasses, a short-sleeved dress shirt, and a pair of slacks would be perfect for this film (directed by George Clooney, no less).  

Take in a show

Now we're not talking about a movie, but a fun local theatre piece that combines the creepy with the must-see. Check local theatres and be sure to look up last-minute ticket discounts. Be sure to scan listings for Rocky Horror as well!

Go people-watching

In Miami, for example, all the ghouls and ghosties congregate on a major pedestrian thoroughfare, Lincoln Road. It's a sight to behold, and fabulously, utterly FREE. Find the haunted processions near you and be sure to take advantage.

Find a partner-in-crime (not literally)

To avoid a sinking sense of loneliness and FOMO when you're celebrating on your own, invite a likeminded friend to terrify local trick-or-treaters as they come up your walk, carve awesome pumpkins, and make a bunch of Halloween-themed treats (one of our favorites is “pukey pumpkin pie”).

Get smart

Plan a retail attack on November 1st, and shop for heavily-discounted Halloween goodies that you can resell next year. Halloween t-shirts and full, bagged costumes are an easy pick, and they store well (unlike makeup and wigs, for example). You can also grab costumes for a kids’ costume trunk, fancy dress parties year-round, or even for your wardrobe (hello, sunglasses!).

Go old-school

Get out that ouija board, your old tarot cards, or even Clue, invite over your friends, and turn down the lights. For even more fun, do a potluck and have everyone bring over spooky snacks.

Have a Happy Halloween, whatever you’re up to!