Eco-friendly Label That Doesn’t Skimp On Style: Alternative Apparel

Nov 16, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

These days, eco-friendly fashion isn’t a “pie in the sky” proposition. We’re all becoming more eco-conscious, and we are finding ways to work this into our day-to-day. From swearing by reusable cups in our favorite café to looking for locally-sourced everything, we try our best to reduce negative impact on the environment, our planet, and fellow humankind.

Enter a few brands that are easing the way with thoughtful selections that are as attractive as they are planet-saving. These are especially important this time of year, because we’re shopping up a storm.

Today, we are taking a closer look at Alternative Apparel. Combining an eco-friendly attitude with a clearly noble aim, the company is one that has paved the way for other earth-saving labels. In 1995, the brand set out to recreate their favorite tee, and they did it with an earth-friendly attitude. By “innovating from thread to finish,” Alternative Apparel has made clothing that lasts… with a dose of both simplicity and style. Backed with a promise to use organic and recycled materials, their clothes have been a firm favorite for decades.

Here’s what you should take a second look at:

  • It’s all about the tees. Considering the company kicked off with the search for the perfect tee, we can’t think of a better place to get started online. From heavyweight knit wraps to perky tees, there is something about Alternative Apparel’s tops that keep us coming back. Check out the eco-fleece for a super-cozy option come winter.

  • Midi dresses are a great way to be stylish (and warm). Let the tights-layering begin! To avoid issues with too many layers and overheating, aim for a longer dress that you can wear with tights, boots, and knee-socks to fight the chill effectively. We love the look of a midi dress with a pair of opaque tights and low ankle boots.

  • Wearing outerwear from Alternative Apparel is like getting a warm hug. The options include sumptuous French terry and eco-gauze – and that is just the beginning. From long to short to sleeveless, the designers at Alternative Apparel really covered their bases.

  • Scoring intriguing bundles. You can stock up on tops and bottoms to complete your “weekend uniform.” From cozy tracksuit separates to multiple tops, these looks won’t set you back.

Alternative Apparel even has a “brands we love” section, with the following explanation: “We’re constantly searching for likeminded makers & creatives whose aesthetic, methods & values align with our own. Here are the brands that we’re inspired by and know you’ll love too.” If you are really into making an impact – and why shouldn’t you be? – then you’ll instantly know where to source other fantastic finds. Brands include:

  • Topo Designs
  • ABLE
  • Richer Poorer
  • Publish
  • Little Brand Organic

When shopping for pieces that help keep the planet, your wallet, and your wardrobe happy, what do you look for?