All You Need to Know About Alpaca Clothing—The Fiber of the Gods

Aug 04, 2020Reading Time: 7 min

If you’ve heard of Alpaca clothing, you’ve probably wondered why it’s so popular, and most importantly, expensive. Often compared to cashmere, this type of clothing is made from Alpaca wool, also referred to as Peru wool. The material is sourced from Alpacas, a species of animals that belong to the camelid family along with Llamas.

There are actually two breeds of Alpaca, namely Huacaya and Suri, and they each produce a unique form of Alpaca fiber. The Huacaya fiber has an appearance that’s similar to sheep wool, while the Suri fiber is more like natural silk.

Even though the material is expensive, the benefits far outweigh the costs. Thanks to Alpaca clothing coupons and promo codes, you won’t have to miss out on these benefits on account of prices. Read on to find out more about the good and bad of Alpaca clothing, and most importantly how to get it at a good deal and save.

Properties of Alpaca Clothing


The reason why Alpaca clothing is so popular is because of its features. There are so many things to love about it, from the way it feels when you wear it to how it looks. Here are some more of those features, briefly explained.

Texture Alpaca clothing is often described as having a buttery-soft feel. It feels light to the touch and not itchy like most fibers. Peruvian Connection has some beautiful accessories with this fluffy feel, available in many colors and at discounted prices too.

Durability Unlike clothing made from most materials, Alpaca clothing continues to look good even after several washes. The shape and quality aren’t affected by washing either and it is quite strong, thanks to the composition of the base Alpaca material. That’s one reason why buying Alpaca clothing is a true investment. Even though the prices are a little high, you can use the Alpaca clothing coupons and discount codes on our site to get this quality apparel for less.

Insulating In comparison with clothing made from sheep’s wool, Alpaca clothing is much warmer due to its thermal and insulating properties. Purely Alpaca even has a line of “superwarm” heavy extreme Alpaca socks, which they guarantee are warmer than any other socks you’ll find anywhere else. You can get these socks and other warm Alpaca clothing items at a discounted price with the Purely Alpaca coupons and promo codes we offer.

Sustainable Now, more than ever, many industries are pushing for sustainability, including the fashion industry. Alpaca wool, the material used for this sustainable clothing comes from animals that graze naturally on grass that’s not chemicalised or has pesticides. Hence producing the material has no negative impact on the environment. Companies like Novica, who also sell alpaca clothing, are green certified businesses, guaranteed to give you products that meet high standards for social and environmental impacts. If you choose to buy from this brand, you can use our Novica coupon codes for a discount on your purchase and rest assured that you’re wearing sustainable fashion.

Waterproof Alpaca fiber is similar to cashmere when it comes to feel, but it also has a higher quality and water repellant features. This comes in handy, especially when you need clothing with moisture-wicking abilities.


While the features of Alpaca clothing described above may not seem like they’re worth the extra dollars you pay for this type of clothing, they offer some amazing benefits. Some of the benefits of Alpaca clothing are mentioned below:

Hypoallergenic Since Alpaca fibers are natural, the clothing made from this material is very safe, even for newborn babies who tend to be sensitive to a lot of things around them. For adults, this is also an advantage because it doesn’t cause skin irritation or any allergic reactions like some manmade synthetics which are subjected to numerous chemical processes.

Warmth Alpaca clothing retains heat well and traps in air, thanks to its insulating properties, so if you’re wearing it you’ll be warm throughout. In this respect, it has an advantage over fur, which is also warm but a lot heavier than alpaca wool.



Alpacas have a beautiful fleece which occurs naturally in a number of different shades such as black, silver, charcoal, brown, and ivory. This wide palette of natural colors is rare in other materials like wool, making Alpaca wool the most ideal for clothing. If you want to see some examples of these light-weight fashion pieces, you can check out the Alpaca tunics, cardigans, and pullovers Peruvian Connection has to offer. And if you like what you see, make sure you use our coupons and discount codes for alpaca clothing to get them for less.

Moisture-wicking Alpaca wool has great wicking abilities, meaning that it’s highly resistant to absorbing water. Thanks to this property, Alpaca clothing keeps the wearer dry for some time if they’re exposed to moisture. It also makes it less prone to stains so you can keep it clean longer.

Long-lasting Because of the durability of the material, Alpaca clothing is guaranteed to last you for years. With such a long lifespan, buying Alpaca apparel is truly a value for your money purchase that will continue to look good for as long as you wear it.


Despite all the wonderful benefits Alpaca clothing offers, there are some downsides to this unique type of apparel. Some of the cons of Alpaca clothing are explained below:

Expensive Like most clothing made from luxury materials, Alpaca clothing has a hefty price tag as compared to other materials like sheep wool. This is partly because of the long-distance shipping costs to get the material from Alpacas, which are mostly located in South America, to countries like Italy where it’s cleaned and spun into wool, and then to you, wherever you’re located.

Industrial dyeing may still be required Alpaca wool comes naturally in over 22 different colors, but this range, wide as it is, doesn’t encompass all the colors you might be looking for. For example, bright orange and vibrant green shades are not available in this natural range, which means the materials will need to be dyed. This takes away from the natural element of the material and adds a little more to the cost of production, and hence the retail price. Thanks to our Alpaca clothing coupon codes, you’ll still be able to save on these and add some brightness to your wardrobe for less.

Not Vegan For people who are committed to living a vegan lifestyle, Alpaca clothing is a definite no-no. This is because the material used to make it comes from animals. Even though Alpacas aren’t killed during the harvesting of the material, a strict vegan may still find the shearing of the Alpaca wool an issue. This is mostly because there’s a possibility that the animals are mistreated during the harvesting process.


Alpaca clothing offers a superior level of luxury apparel, with exclusive features that make the extra dollars you spend on it absolutely worth it. If you want quality clothing that’s guaranteed to last, Alpaca clothing is the way to go and you can get it at a good bargain with our Alpaca clothing coupons and promo codes.