Airline Review: Perks and Benefits of 6 Different Airlines

Jul 06, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

We often hear about the costs and difficulties of flying. However, there are also a lot of perks that come with it, depending on the airliner that you choose. Here are the top 6 airlines and the benefits that you can enjoy after booking a flight on those airliners with oneTravel

Ocean View from Airplane

Benefits Beyond the Flight: JetBlue

If you’re looking for fast, reliable, and free Wi-Fi, look no further than JetBlue. This airliner is famous for its dependable internet connection that can get you through hours of flight time. Also known as Fly-Fi, travelers can use this to stream movies, binge television shows, and even watch free DirectTV. JetBlue also offers unlimited complimentary snacks and beverages, not to mention extra legroom for passengers who request it. JetBlue truly pampers their passengers, as they even pass out complimentary Snooze Kits that include eyeshades and earplugs. In the morning, you can also enjoy the Eye-Opener Service of treats, coffee, orange juice, and bottled water.

Airplane Interior customer service

Excellent Customer Service: Alaska Airlines

Virgin Airlines recently joined forces with Alaska Airlines, which is know for their excellent customer service. In fact, you can get a $25 voucher or 2500 points if your baggage takes longer than 20 minutes to appear at the baggage claim. The flights also offer Starbucks coffee during your journey, so you can enjoy a cup of quality coffee en route.

As an added bonus, travelers can take advantage of free texting through iMessage, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. Simply download the apps before your flight and use them as you please.

Passport International Travel necessities

For International Travel: Delta

Similar to Alaska Airlines, travelers can enjoy free texting while flying through the iMessaging, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp apps. If you're looking into longer, international flights, you have to check out what Delta has to offer. You can enjoy the utmost level of comfort with flat-bed seats that provide a better night's sleep during your flight. Not to mention that, on overnight flights, travelers receive a free gossamer blanket.

If you have a special diet of require religious-friendly meals, Delta offers 14 menu options for travelers to choose from. Whether you would like a kosher meal or gluten-free option, make sure that you give Delta notice about 48 hours before your flight to ensure the meal you want will be available.

Domestic Flights ground view

#1 for Domestic Flights: American Airlines

Known for being one of the best choices for domestic flights, American Airlines has an excellent frequent flyer program. Participants in the program can enjoy quality products, upgrades, discounts, and more. American Airlines also offers comfortable business class seats for travelers to enjoy and an easy booking process.

Hawaiian Complimentary airplane cuisine

Dine on Complimentary Cuisine: Hawaiian Airlines

When flying with Hawaiian Airlines, be sure to check out the complimentary food and drink options to save some cash on snacks. Not to mention, you can prep yourself for your tropical vacation with some of their delicious, island-inspired cuisine. This airline also offers duty-free shopping, meaning you can shop ahead or make purchases in the air and have the items delivered directly to your seat. Just some of the items you can browse through include makeup, liquor, jewelry, watches, and gifts.

Budget friendly airplane options

Stick to Your Budget: Southwest

Southwest is another popular choice for those who are looking to travel on a budget. Why? Because this airline allows travelers to choose their seats without paying extra fees and travelers can check up to 2 bags for free. However, these checked bags must be under 50 pounds and 62 inches, or an extra charge will be applied. And once you're there, check out the deals at for great deals on hotel reservations so you can stick to your budget from take off to the landing.

Whether you're flying for business or pleasure, take advantage of the awesome perks and benefits that these airlines offer travelers. You may find that these perks can save you a few bucks or make your flight just a little more comfortable no matter where you're flying.