Affordable Ways You Can Help the Environment

Affordable Ways You Can Help the Environment

Magen Sanders

Magen SandersFeb 16, 20182 min read

Sustainability and longevity aren’t just wellness trends. Creating habits and environments that work in harmony with your body and with our planet are at the forefront of a movement to create “green” ways of living. From waste and trash accumulation to air and water pollution, there are plenty of reasons to get on board with this effort.

While it not only benefits the environment, certain practices help your personal health and wellness as well. Treat the world right and your body right too. There are plenty of affordable and eco-friendly ways to fulfill both environmental trends around the house.



It doesn’t take much to help your household wastefulness. Recycling is the perfect start to work in better household habits. Whether you wash and reuse containers or recycle the plastic bottles in proper facilities implementing the use of recycling in your home is better for the environment and promotes less wastefulness in the home.


Home Improvements

Investing in home improvements to be eco-friendlier and take care of your family are worth it in the long run. Implement and invest in a Pelican Whole House Water System that helps eliminate wastewater and prevents drainage and brine discharge. With no electricity required you can ensure your family is getting safer, cleaner water while reducing your homes environmental footprint. Not only are you saving yourself money down the road in terms of long-term costs with maintenance and fees with traditional salt-based water systems.  


Improving your home and water filtration system can be one of the most cost-effective and long-term beneficial ways to help the environment and your family. Use code SAVE3 on a Pelican Water System and save on your home improvements.


Carpool and Bike Often

Not only will you be getting more movement in the day for better health and longevity, by opting to walk, bike or carpool you can reduce emissions and your personal footprint on the earth. The congestion on the freeway is not as bad as the chemical congestion in the air in some cities to choose a different way to ride more often to help when you can.


Lights out

Opt for energy efficient and eco-friendly bulbs life CFLs or “compact fluorescent lights” in your house. It won’t be a drastic change but just enough to reduce your energy uses and not to mention that energy bill you receive! Let’s not forget to switch the light off when you are done! Don’t leave the light on if no one is in the room and be mindful of the energy waste when you leave all the lights in the house in the on position.