Affordable Ways to Get Fit at Home

Affordable Ways to Get Fit at Home

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamMay 21, 20203 min read

Now that we’re spending more time at home many of us are taking this extra time as a great opportunity to get fit and healthy at home. You don’t need to get fit by yourself, get your family involved too to make it even more fun! Getting fit doesn’t have to be expensive either, there are many affordable ways of how you can get fit at home. From investing in a great trampoline that the whole family can enjoy for years and saving money with promo codes to free exercise videos online, we’ll be sharing the best ways you can get fit at home for less.

Affordable Fitness Programs


If you haven’t really got into fitness before and don’t know where to start or if you’re missing the gym and need more structure to your day then it may be worth taking a look at affordable fitness programs. Fitness programs like BeachBody are very affordable with BeachBody promo codes and right now you can get up to 30% off!

Fitness programs are great as they provide you with a structure so you know exactly what workouts you’ll be doing and what you’ll be eating every day. The BeachBody memberships provide you with an at-home, personalized fitness program which helps you meet your fitness goals. The program involves a mix of nutrition, fitness, and support. You can also make changes to your diet with health programs like Cooking Light Diet.

Keeping the Whole Family Fit


It’s finally summer and the sun is shining. Since we can’t really go anywhere because of the lockdown, it’s time to make use of your garden. Now is the perfect time to invest in a JumpSport trampoline. At JumpSport, you can find a wide range of trampolines to suit your needs. Looking for a trampoline with a difference? Then you would love the Alleyoop trampoline which has a basketball hoop. Have fun for hours and benefit from the calories burned!

The whole family will love SkyBounce trampoline. Children (and adults!) can compete against each other to see who can jump the highest. There are many games you can play to keep the exercise fun for kids. The SkyBounce is also the most affordable trampoline and you can get it for even less in the JumpSport sale. You can currently get a free ladder with backyard trampolines when you subscribe to receive JumpSport emails which is an offer that can’t be missed!

Free Ways to Workout at Home

If you can’t afford to spend money on fitness programs that’s okay, you can get fit for free. Going on a walk, running around the garden and dancing around your room to your favorite tunes are all great ways you can get fit for free.

There are also many amazing free fitness videos online. Youtube is a great place to find these great workouts. Simply search for ‘home workout’, ‘beginners workout’ or ‘yoga for beginners’. There are many videos for toning, cardio, weight lifting, yoga, pilates, dance, and so much more to suit a range of fitness levels.

As you can see, there are many great ways to get fit at home that don’t cost the earth. Whether you’re buying a trampoline from JumpSport to make fitness more fun, signing up to a diet plan or a fitness program, be sure to use a coupon to make incredible savings