Affordable Resources and Supplies to Make Home-schooling Easier

Apr 23, 2020Reading Time: 3 min

We are in a position now that anyone could have guessed we would be in. All schools have closed meaning many parents across America will be home-schooling for the first time ever. Although home-schooling is challenging, there are a few things you can do to make it more bearable and enjoyable for children. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some helpful resources and school supplies to help your kids study at home. There are lots of budget-friendly options here as well as a few freebies suitable for elementary school-age.



Math is difficult for a lot of people and now that you’ve found yourself in a situation where you have to teach your kids from home you may be wondering how you can teach this subject. Learning Resources makes this easy for you and you can get 30% off using our coupon code. They have lots of excellent math resources for ages 18 months to 8 years+. Some of these include a colorful counting owls set, a junior teaching clock and a classroom money kit. They have lots of free resources too!


English is another important subject you will need to teach while home-schooling. Buy books to help your little ones with the reading or download worksheets to help with things like spelling and grammar. Etsy is a useful place to go looking for English worksheets. On Etsy, you can find various English worksheets and activity books for all ages and you can get lots for less than a dollar! Most of these worksheets need to be printed out so make sure your printer has lots of ink. You can find affordable ink cartridges at Inkbox. Currently, you get 20% off sitewide.


There are lots of science experiments and sciency things you can do for free. For example, your child could go on a little wildlife hunt around the garden and count how many bees, ladybugs and birds they can see. If you want to teach your children some really cool and mesmerizing science experiments then you should check out Home Science Tools. Home Science Tools has various kits for biology, chemistry, earth science, and physics which you can make great savings on with a 35% off coupon code. Some of the kits that caught our eye include the Complete Introduction to Chemistry Kit, the Insect Butterfly Garden and the Slime Science Kit.



Let your children be creative by doing some art every day. Incorporate an art lesson into your daily schedule to keep them entertained. Art lessons can cost very little. Simply allow your children to color pictures, create collages, or take photos on an old camera. Michaels has a great range of affordable art supplies for children and adults alike. In fact, you can get up to 80% off in their sale. There are lots of fun craft kits including a Color-In Birdhouse and a Hide and Seek Rock Painting Kit.

We hope you’re finding home-schooling okay and hopefully you’ll find some helpful ideas here to help you make it easier. Don’t forget to browse for the latest home-schooling resources coupons.