Affordable Healthcare To Get the Most Out Of Your Benefits

Affordable Healthcare To Get the Most Out Of Your Benefits

Lauren Diethelm

Lauren DiethelmMar 14, 20182 min read

Finding (and using) affordable healthcare can be a challenge, especially if you have unexpected expenses like new glasses or contact lenses. Luckily, your FSA accounts can be used to order new frames or contacts, and Discount Contact Lenses has everything you could need, at great low prices. Want added savings? Use code PC10CONTACTS to get 10% off your purchase while using your benefits! 

First things first: What’s an FSA account?

A Flexible Spending Account (or sometimes a flexible spending arrangement) is an account that you can put money in all year in case you run into some unexpected medical expenses. Most FSA funds can be used to pay for medical and dental care, as well as some medications and other equipment--as well as contact lenses! If you have an FSA account, make sure to read your fine print to be sure, but make sure you use your funds before they’re gone forever.

Ways to spend your money

If you’ve been putting off replacing your contacts or just started wearing them, getting stocked up can be a big expense. Luckily, FSA money combined with Discount Contact Lenses’ already-low prices, you can get top-name brands without breaking the bank. Get brands you know and love like Acuvue, Oasys, ProClear and more, for affordable prices and shipped right to you. If you’re looking for ultra-moist, or for something to correct astigmatism or even just some colored lenses, Discount Contact Lenses has the variety to provide something for everyone.