Affordable Accessories To Rock For A High-Fashion Look

Jan 26, 2018Reading Time: 4 min

Anyone who has spent time browsing street style sites and fashion blogs knows that trying to replicate a high-fashion look can be hard when you’re 1) Not an effortless fashion maven and 2) On a budget. One of the best ways to give your wardrobe some pep for the season (and channel the most fashionable girls in New York and Milan) is to find accessories that give everything else in your closet a boost. THese picks from Donald Pliner are a great way to get fashion-forward looks that are affordable! When adding these items to your online cart make sure to apply the Donald Pliner coupon code DJPLIFEMART10 to get 10% off and FREE shipping!! Try these on for size:



Used sparingly, glitter is an attention-grabbing, high-fashion addition to your wardrobe. Look for all-over glitter heels and flats for a party look (and leave everything else as is) or start hunting down things with a hint of sparkle, from tone-on-tone loafers to bags in subtle (but glistening) brocade.


Celebrities and fashion mavens alike lean on the brightest colors to add pep to their look – and so can you. Make the most of it by taking a cue from New York Fashion Week with colors like cherry red and purple.



We've moved beyond chunky jewels and into new territory filled with rounded stones in the same colorway as your footwear. Think black-on-black shoes festooned with rounded, shiny stones.  


Special Sneakers

When you see "sneakers," you probably don't think about high-fashion looks, but these comfy shoes have slotted themselves straight into the most stylish of worlds. Fashion sneakers in the exotic skin, metallics, and with unexpected details are some of the pairs we've considered for 2018. Amongst the most coveted are slip-on in crazy colors, shoes with built-up platforms, and loafer-esque sneakers that beg for pegged trousers and a backpack.


Woven Leather

There's something so elegant about shoes crafted in woven leather, from cognac to black, and we are seeing this fashioned into every style of shoe and bag on the planet. If you're sold on a particular silhouette, woven leather is for you, because you get a lot of leeway.

Envelope-style Purses: Little clutches with a simple envelope-style flap are the perfect way to channel understated elegance. Plain satin clutches match with everything, and calf-leather crossbody bags often look similar but spare you the discomfort of carrying your bag in-hand the whole night.


Back-to-the-’80s Patchwork Bags

If you’re looking for color, then consider adding it with a hot kaleidoscope bag that features an anchor color as its background. The most versatile ones have a background of black or tan, but rich red works great, too.

Bucket Bags

Bucket bags are on-trend, and if you’re the type who likes to carry around plenty of stuff, this is your go-to buy.

For a truly high-fashion look, the most important tip we can give you is to move beyond your comfort zone. High fashion is the opposite of your comfiest pair of jeans or a tried-and-true work ensemble... you push boundaries to achieve something that others wouldn't try to pull off. So go ahead, try something you've been eyeing this time around – you'll be pleasantly surprised, and you'll elevate your fashion status to boot.